Merc/WHC career skills client issue

They don’t seem to work as client. The only thing I can knock back when playing with my friend @rat are trash enemies.

I cannot do the following anymore since Winds of Garbage 2.0 patch:
-Free teammates from being grabbed by hookrats
-Free teammates from being pinned by assassins
-Knockback assassins or hookrats to avoid being pinned or grabbed (used to be able to)
-Knockback bosses and lords (wasted my ult trying to prevent troll from puking for example)
-Knockback Chaos Warriors
-Knockback Berserkers

I didn’t see anything in the patch notes that say that the Mercenary and WHC career skills were reduced to absolute garbage so I’m assuming this is a bug. @rat always hosts the games. My internet speeds are 200mbps so it’s not a connection issue. I have a brand new computer so it’s not that.

What’s the point of these career skills if it’s intended that they only knockback trash?

I want the game that I actually paid for back.

You can add:
Slayer Ult
Battle Wizard Ult
Unchained Ult
to the list

Didnt test Ironbreaker yet, but so far I encountered issues with every Ult that induces stagger

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