WHC needs some black watchtowers! Sigmar wills it!

WHC has a very nice choice of hats of course, but I find it… troubling, that not a single one of the classic, tall watchowers that witch hunters are immediately recognizable by, is black. This way, I cannot match his black and gold trench coat with any tall watchtower, and either have to settle for a less magnificent, short one, or have color-wise mismatched outfit. Both of which are heretical and wicked beyond measure.

So I propose either at least one new hat that would fill in the blank spot here, or just recolor the already existing ones and make them new, separate hats that we can collect and you have to spend virtually no time or effort producing. Brilliant!



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Aye, you’d think those Weaving Houses they have all across the Empire would be useful for something. What’s a Witch Hunter without their stylish hat?


Aye, couldn’t agree more, nearly every single heros outfits don’t match the hats, really annoys me on Waystalker. But at the same time, I don’t recall WHC’s wearing black besides their cloaks? Most of the art work of them is leather clothes and hats.

" All ordinary citizens agree witch hunters are necessary and the work they do is crucial to the safety of the Old World, but there are very few who do not feel a flush of fear when they see a figure wearing the familiar wide-brimmed hat, buckled tunic, and long black cloak."

Or they could just allow us to recolor the hats, with some limited color palette of course. You don’t want Witch Hunters running around with pink hats.
We could use scraps for dyes, or just like artwork pieces, dyes could be scattered throughout the levels.



I think Victor would look absolutely fabulous


Just make the hat colour match the skin colour, and ALLOW US TO CHANGE HATS WITH THE VT1 SKINS <3

Templar’s watchtower would be awesome on VT1 skin

Jep Fasontide is flawed

My take on it

I want that really badly as well, but I spoke with our dearest Hedge a while back and he mentioned that the Vermintide 1 skins are all a single mesh. :neutral_face:

I’ve not done any graphic design for video game models, but I am still a Software guy and I figure that it’d take time and effort to make that happen. Moreover, it’d take time and effort away from other projects like the Winds of Magic expansion and the bug-fixes and the patch deployments for the consoles. Higher priority things on the list, ya know?

I’m practically never unequipping Kerillian’s Vermintide 1 skin because the Wooden shoulder-plates are so cool so I also want to change her head-gear really badly, but I also value that they are prioritizing other cool projects for me to enjoy :grinning:

That may be true, but mind that WHC in V2 has 2 leather coats - the default, brown one, and the black and golden one I was talking about (unlocked after beating all Helmgart missions on legend). The others, blue, green, red and maybe some other are made of fabric, but these two are clearly made of leather. So if we can have a black leather coat, why not have a black leather hat?

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Ow too bad… I mean at least it’s still something they can technically do, so it’s not a “never happen” thing, we can hope for surprises, maybe someday we’ll get a Big Cosmetic Patch xD
For the VT2 skins tho, I, same as you, am no expert in graphic design but still, I believe it wouldn’t be TOO much work to make the hat change colour according to the skin we’re wearing.

On a side note, can we got metallic armors reskins to be ACTUAL metal. I think that’s a big part of what makes them look so bad, they feel like over-painted, you don’t see the shine anymore.


Well I understand that, but as I have mentioned, it would be hardly any work at all to just give the already existing hats some new colors and I am sure it would make lots of players happy and give them more stuff to pursue in the game. I do believe it would be a very worthwhile time and effort investment.

Forgive me, I was speaking more directly to the Vermintide 1 skins comment and I apologize for pulling us off-thread! My bad.

Ah no, no problem mate, that is very relevant to the original topic, my bad for not realizing you were talking about that exclusively :slight_smile:

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