What's stronger Marcus's Mace & Sword or Victor's Falchion & Axe

And what’s the difference if there’s is any …

F&A I’d say.

And for the difference… Almost everything ? Pattern of attack, AP… Just try them out you wouldn’t have to ask ^^

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say what?

So It’s worse ?!

Falchion and Axe is better imo

Ap is armor penetration

And it’s not completely worse, simply different. Just play what you like mate

If you’re talking about overall damage, A&F comes out on top, not to mention it’s AP. Then you have a 30% damage buff on zealot and 20% on tagged targets with the WHC, along with his head shot damage talent. Makes the weapons far more powerful.

Try using them, you’ll see the different.


So it Need sa buff to match the A&F

No, it needs a nerf. I’m normally against nerfs. As Fatshark tends to over due the nerf… but when it comes to A&F, it for sure needs a nerf. If you buff all the other weapons up to the A&F level, legend will become champion or possibly even veteran. There will be no challange. The main problem is that these weapons are on Salty, who has very high damage output talents and passives. You can’t nerf the characters without making all the other weapons bad, so it’s the A&F that need to be brought down.


The Expansion Winds of Magic is adding a new Difficulty , so chillax

Is your only discussion tactic to tell people to chillax? At least try and have a discussion…

And no, buffing the other weapons will make the game far too easy. Then the new difficulty will simply become exactly the same as current legend. Which will make it pointless.


Could you like actually use the weapons in question before turning topics into balance discussion ?
Its pretty obvious to anyone who has even slight experience with playing saltz and kruber which is more powerful and what the differences are.


All of the DLC weapons are strong rn, with A+F being the best. Hopefully they’ll be tuned down when the new expansion comes and the new difficulty will have less Stagger and Cleave.

It’s kind of weird to be hoping for AP buffs to certain existing weapons and then having DLC ones come that do everything better than any of the other weapons. I know the reasons why, but these weapons put a bigger gap between some of the already lacking ones.


I think the only weapon that really does stand out is A&F. Krubsi’s and Bardin’s weapons are only a “problem” because they make 1h mace obsolete. 1h sword is still good and while dual hammers are amazing CC weapons on Slayer, they don’t make dual axes obsolete since they still are better at clearing hordes and provide better engagement with push attack, especially against armoured elites and bosses. Crowbill is only so prominent on Sienna because it’s her only AP weapon, otherwise, it is basically her version of 1h axe and in a good spot. Again, only makes her mace obsolete, which definitely needs some tweaking to begin with (2 identical attack patterns on lights and charged are simply redundant and even with stacked attack speed, the sweeps are too slow and not damaging enough). Keri’s 1h axe might as well be a Handmaiden only weapon, but there, it is a surprisingly effective (but arguably pretty boring) weapon, since the lack of CC can be counted by her dash and overall mobility - and being able to 3 shot stormvermin with light attacks is nothing to laugh about. Elven 1h axe has the disctinct problem of a.) not working too well with Shade (can hit same break points as HM, but infiltrate boss damage is lacking and it doesn’t make up for it, otherwise. DD has about same level of CC, horde clear and arguably better elite killing power, while still being the king of boss damage) and like elven 2h sword, finds itself left in the dust by Keri’s stellar melee arsenal. There simply isn’t something 1h axe can do much better you couldn’t do with DD, SD or glaive.

A&F Feels faster. As stand-alone weapons they may well measure up the same once all is said and done, but when paired with the Zealot or WHC with the bonuses for each class A&F become god-tier, although using Krubers Mace+sword during Huntsmans hunters prowl gives the weapons a sudden increase in power and can get you out of a tight spot if you can’t simply slink away

Also, stop using Chillax. It’s not 2004.


They’re really quite different weapons; S+M is a control weapon, A+F is a damage weapon. A+F is exactly what you’d expect from combining the two weapons, and they’re both good, so it’s quite strong. I believe it does the same damage per-hit as the default single weapons, so that could maybe be tweaked down a bit.

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Is Chillax a cold laxative?

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Chill + Relax

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