What works on Vet on Auric?

I know Vet is in a tough spot right now. I am clearing Damnation consistently using Revolver or Vraks Mk III Headhunter Autogun, Catachan MK IV Combat Blade, and Infiltrate. But I hear on Auric, only lasguns are viable due to ammo issues? Is that just the Kantrael XII?

Any recommendations for how to approach Auric as a Vet?

Here’s my vet build below. I’ve been using it on Auric missions, including HiSTG.

It’s incredibly flexible and has tools to deal with a range of different situations. Stripped down is a little bit of a meme blessing, BUT it’s actually come in handy in a lot of situations. Infiltration combined with stripped down can let you pull off some wild clutches in my experience. Krak grenades are amazing for dealing with armor, but the recon las and onslaught can also work surprisingly well too.

Honestly the key to the vet IMHO is to not bother with going too far down into the bottom branches. Go wide and stack a lot of the mid tier talents.


That entirely depends on how willing you are to eat all the ammo pickups. Sometimes you get a team full of melee players and psykers and it isn’t a problem (for most guns), other times you get a single other vet who likes their gun and you spend the whole time racing them to pickups in a competition to see who gets to have fun.

People are having success at that level using the more melee focused vet builds and using lasguns.


Nice, that’s pretty much the talent tree I’m already using.
How would you say the recon las compares with the other las riles?

I’m often playing with my own friends. Our group is Vet, 2 Psykers, and Zealot. So if I’m the only one using the ammo pickups then I should still have enough for the Headhunter?

I mostly picked recon las for the striped down talent. Combined with duck and dive specifically you can just just run in circles forever dodging ranged fire and keeping stamina up. It’s kinda amazing. I find the recon las works well with other talents like onslaught and the headhunter blessing because it doesn’t have any recoil and you can focus fire things down easily. High mobility too and even does okay at long range.

I experimented with Agrippa Braced or Infantry Autoguns and it wasn’t quite as good, but CAN still work. These can both get stripped down blessing too. The braced is a monster at close range and does a lot of stagger, which the recon struggles with. But it’s almost useless at longer ranges and you’ll struggle against masses of shooters. The infantry Autogun is a little bit in the middle and you can carefully tap the trigger for long range fire or burst at closer range. But the issue is that the ammo economy isn’t as good feeling. Hence Recon.


Pretty much. Outside of the times when the game stiffs you and spawns like 5 pickups for the whole run, if you’re not competing with anyone you usually won’t have ammo issues with most guns outside of things like bolters and plasmas and such.


hey u might wanna try vraks mk VII. aim for the enemy’s head its very rewarding.

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Play T5 Auric STG and Maelstrom exclusively. I linked the builds I use in this post:

All these focus on being flexible and survivable while having enough leeway to specialize in something. If any of them interest you, lemme know if you have any questions.

For the DMR and sniper builds you can reliably use them with headhunters or the kant12/1a for the sniper build as well with some tweaks. Mk3 or mk7 both are valid choices. Let me know if you want to know what to pop on those or the kants. The officer build also synergizes well with headhunters.

I’m constantly changing up the sapper build, so it’s the weakest of the bunch.


I like what you got going there. I’d switch reciprocity with agile engagement btw, seeing as you’re going with a chainsword. You can get better crowd clear combining those.

The key to make the Agrip1 IAG work IMO is to run it with deadshot talent + punishing salvo + sustained fire blessing. If you get good enough with it you can down anything but crushers and monstrosities with single controlled bursts of 3 to 5 shots, and single shot most shooters if you fire it like a semi auto.

Vet is in a rough place, but he’s entirely viable.

If you want a crutch build, go to youtube and look up an infernus recon lasgun build

Or just take what you want and have fun (you’re getting an assail voidstrike psyker in your squad anyway).


I’m mostly using this build, w/ the usual Recon VId w/ headhunter & Infernus, crit chance+maniac (ideally) along w/ chainsword rampage+cleave.
You can maybe move 1-2 points around or swap some, but it’s tooiight.
Say you’re in a pre-made group with a reliable brittle spam from a psyker, you can maybe go down to Rending Strikes and skip exploit weakness.

P.S. Reminder to Braced users &co., all the close range are bugged/halved right now, 8m instead of 15m.
P.P.S. Infernus also bugged it seems to be using old values of max 6 & 9 stacks (big diff)

Crying in a corner

Joking, grenades, frags, the normal ones, those help a lot to get out of any sticky situation

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It depends how good you are in melee, if yes then even shotguns and plasma are fine till some of the craziest conditions on auric maelstrom.

Or you can just go for Reccon no-brainer build and pew-pewing through the whole run.

Mg12 is still ok, but nothing special, imo was better in #12 patch.

For melee it’s either devil’s claw if your range weapon can handle armored enemies or chainsword if not. Combat axes are ok too.

Ammo situation heavily depends on team composition.

What I found to be pretty strong is going full into Recon, but it’s pretty boring IMO.

You can also go Frag + Support which is a 50/50 melee/ranged gameplay split that’s a bit more fun.

You can also do some Helbore MKIII build that also works okay. I think you can figure that out, just needs Shock Trooper for infinite ammo as a pre-requisite.

If you are a generally good player there are a bunch of other stuff that works. It’s just that in most cases it’s better off to just go play another class, like in the case of going with a heavy melee build on Vet (it works, but you get more out of just playing Zealot).

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anything that doesnt use useless infiltrate :slight_smile: if you play the game you can use any weapon combo it really doesnt matter.

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Why are people ripping on infiltrate all the time? It’s freaking amazing.


Among other things, 2 words: “aggro dump”, previously “camo expert”.

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I tried it with melee, I tried it with hybrid and I wasn’t impressed with what it does. The build you linked is also a Low Profile variant which I don’t find very useful in general.

  • Long cooldown makes you hesitant to use it proactively reducing it to a defensive ultimate, in which case VoC is better. Running it with 2 charges increases the cooldown so it doesn’t alleviate the issue.
  • In general, the two other Combat Abilities are just better either offensively or defensively. If you want to have a strong ranged play then Executioner’s Stance is much better, for offensive melee or hybrid VoC is the way to go.
  • Due to the position on the tree it’s hard to spec into on Vet that really wants to go left at first for Survivalist.
  • It is overshadowed by Shroudfield on Zealot if you want some stealth gameplay or ninja ressing. Why go Inflitrate Vet when you can just play Shroudfield Zealot?

Maybe the buffs coming for it in the next patch will make up for some of its shortcomings.