What we want and need from a long time player [Official Darktide Partner]

Hello Brethren,
Been playing Vermintide since 1. After playing through Darktide with two level thirties and end game there are a few things that I feel really should be addressed for the betterment of the game. These are based on my own experience and also somewhat overwhelming feedback that I’ve observed in the community.

  1. Rewarding challenge and difficulty with item progression!
    As most of us who have played up to 30 and pushed t4-5 have experienced… we aren’t experiencing a smooth item power progression for pushing t4-5 difficulty with modifiers and rewards. I feel like every mission at t4-5 should reward an item drop that’s an item power upgrade. Which would be even a white item that’s 1-5 power higher than our currents. And, if we do a t4-5 that has a harder modifier like high intensity, reduced visibility etc. it should improve our chances at an even better drop. As well as completing with 3 scriptures and even more chance if it’s 2 grimoires because this is the most difficult choice. All these modifiers that make it more difficult should result in better gear drops every mission. As of now the community has come to the conclusion of, go farm low level missions because it’s more of an RNG chance, not based on challenge. I feel like this is the most important part of challenging end game video game content. Harder challenge should equal great rewards.

  2. Level limiting on party / lobby
    If I choose to do a t3-t5 mission with harder modifiers and grims… I don’t want some new player or “I’m a vermintide 2 pro” level 10-20 or even 20-30 in my party. Trying to get carried through for more xp by getting carried by geared players. You could even add a level slider in the mission select screen “what levels do you want in the game” and be able to choose only level 30s or 20-30 etc… This is the next big complaint I see in steam reviews, forums and all over the front page of the Darktide subreddit. It seems like a simple fix that would greatly improve the overall experience of these games. I’ve been frustrated with this in Vermintide 2 as well when it first came out. Should level 10s be able to try tier 3-5 with modifiers and grims, SURE. But, we definitely need the option to not have them in our level 30 end game groups. Easy, just add a slider and level selector before you launch your lobby. NOTE: I’m not saying make a broad and strict level limit, just the ability to do so on our OWN lobbies we launch.

  3. Ability to buy crafting materials with gold / use level 30+ experience
    This isn’t the biggest complaint but I have seen it a lot recently. Let us spend currency/gold coins to purchase more crafting mats. We hit level 30 right, we are grinding away trying to inch our item power up. We have this huge amount of gold coins. We also have experience going towards nothing. Let us purchase plasteel and diamantine with said currency. Also, bank that experience somehow with bonus gold or keep track of it somehow in case there are future level cap raises.

I’m sure there are a lot of other things the community would love, but these mainly 2-3 things are glaring. Feel free to post anything else down below so we can communicate with the devs to make the best experience possible. I love the game and I also absolutely love Fatshark, one of the best gaming companies we have. Let’s help them out! The game is beautiful, fun and very ambitious and I don’t fault them at all for anything that isn’t completely nailed down and polished. o7


experience counting for SOMETHING after 30 is a big issue. Something that was already great in VT 2 but somehow is missing in Darktide.

Edit: There needs to be a weighting for the chance of specific weapon types to appear in shops.
Psyker barely ever sees force weapons etc.


YES! Prioritize class based gear! Also, we don’t need + experience on curios when we are level 30! I completely ruined a decent curio using a lot of materials only to get a +6% xp modifier on it :|.


The disgusting lack of basic features like plus levels scoreboard and a full crafting system is really making me not want to play much anymore. Ive beaten damnation on every level with every kind of modifier so at this point there is really nothing left in the game for me to strive toward and i can never see what weapons and builds will do the most damage/kills in my runs without a scoreboard. so why even try and improve my gear in the first place without the feedback necessary to improve?


With all classes?

What point is there to level every class? It changes nothing currently. I only have zealot at 30 for now.


We’ve given them substantial feedback during pre-“beta”, that’s the thing, all of these complaints we’ve told them about has already been said multiple times in pre-“beta”. That’s how dire of a situation this is. We’ve received no official response on forums from them about all the issues people have raised and continue raising. Some productive users have been going through the effort of compiling all this feedback for easier read, and there’s still been no response. Not even a,“hey we hear you” post.

Darktide is a case study on how not to conduct a community driven video game; no communication, monetization prioritization, and a complete disregard to end user experience as well as customer satisfaction.


For me, having fun playing the game with all the classes…? Why NOT?

Welcome to capitalism!

Because I really don’t want to play for hours on a character with no feats, many locked weapons, and weapons that are very weak even when you do unlock them. This is even ignoring contracts and finding crafting materials.


They absolutely do not need to limit matchmaking more than it already is. It actually needs to be reworked so that experienced but low level players can actually find other experienced players.

If you think T3-T4 missions are actually hard pre-30 then your understanding of the game is still very limited for a long time player.

I have several clears solo quickplaying T4 and have screenshotted every one of them but since they don’t show the difficulty in the win screen I can only post the one where I also screenshotted the rewards.

If you really do find T4+ too hard to do without level 30s I’d say figure out what aspect of Darktide you aren’t utilizing because playing it like it’s vermintide isn’t gonna carry you.

To Fatshark: Please include difficulty and modifiers with the mission name in the victory screen so I can screenshot my wins and the people I won with like it’s a mmo raid clear.

You aren’t reading or understanding. I want to limit MY OWN lobbies. No, if I’m on my level 30 doing t3s with grims or farming I don’t want a level 10 or even 20 in my group. Also if I’m on my level 10 and want to do t3s I don’t want to burden a level 30 who’s there to farm. I want the option to individually set level limits before my mission launches. Trust me, I’ve played more of this game than probably 98% and I’m a top ranked gamer, it’s not a skill issue. I’ve also played the previous games a ton. I don’t understand why some people try to bring this up. I’m not saying limit ALL LOBBIES. Just my own, to my desired taste. And yes, I have failed many many missions because people way too low level were in the party and dropped like a piece of paper. But hey, go on with your pro gamer ego. Statistics would say differently and probably 80% of groups below level 20 fail at t3 missions. This argument makes no sense logically.

Also, did you even read the post? If you look on the forums, reddit or steam reviews. Low level players in malice + lobbies is pretty much the top complaint. It’s all over the place. Maybe look around and learn first, read some things before responding. Not trying to be harsh but… the writing is on the wall.

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Right, it was great in VT2, we need such a thing here!

I would rather see an option that I can buy any weapon I want hitting max or that e.g. every type of weapon is available at all times as a grey version - which would also help trying them out! Because after “~90 levels” I still did not have the opportunity to get an revolver =(


Another issue which should not be there in the first place - account wide inventory and dailies/weeklies like in Vermintide 2.


if i could add one more thing to this list- it would be to deliver on meaningful weapon crafting/customization. but at this point ive beaten that dead horse enough. so ill leave the bulletpoints

yes it fits the theme, fatshark

we know fatshark made the infrastructure for it and even the weapon models. see : What i, and you should Expect from weapon Customization - Warhammer 40,000: Darktide / Gameplay Feedback - Fatshark Forums (fatsharkgames.com)

we, your players and paying customers, want it and had the expectation it would be present because of YOUR advertisement

my thread is not the only one. there are enough people like me who, even if they never “”“”““promised””“”“”" the crafting system as we expected it, this crafting system would be very good for the health of the game regardless


I agree that higher difficulties/books should give you something substantial and they need to show it. I’ve gotten 440+ master crafted weapons more times speed running T1 missions than full book runs on T3. The reason people run Vermintide Legend runs with full books is better gear and the game tells you that it gives you better gear for doing it. Darktide doesn’t, just gives it out randomly. Why challenge myself for better results when I don’t even know what the hell is going on behind the scenes?

Also cash should be used on something else other than contract rerolls and bad cosmetics. I would drop my 200,000 dockets on something more worthwhile like an ogryn helmet with “Emprahs Favrit” on it than helmet but blue.


Many many many people have and are still complaining about it. Just because you have a good experience with randoms doesn’t mean that everyone else is. Its quite clear that most people agree that it should be changed, or fixed.

Holy necro

Crazy how many common sense things are mentioned here that still haven’t made it into the game.

after 6 months plus from giving feedback and having prior game confirming the concept.

good necro thread