What mods are causing crashes?

Hello, just wanted to ask if anyone has figured out what mods are causing crashes in the officiall realm atm?

I know I can turn them all off to fix it but I would like to just disable the problem ones for now.

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At least UI Tweaks seems to crash (according to a friend).

He also said that Parry Indicator and Item Filter are badly broken.


I have many (sanctioned) mods installed and enabled. So far I disabled the following mods:

  • Item Filter
  • Parry indicator
  • Loadout Manager (although I don’t think it crashes the game, it just logs an error to the chat every time, you access your equipment menu)
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A bit more info, gathered by the community: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vermintide/comments/aryjmw/game_crashes_with_mods/

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