Game crashing when pressing enter


So since some update today my game keeps crashing anytime i press enter whilst in game, every single time.

I think something is not working quite as intended, that or someone is trying to tell me not to chat : (


Alright it was mod related and it was caused by one called “UI Tweaks - DISABLE SIMPLE UI”

This is likely mod-related. Please disable your mods until the mod authors have updated them to be compatible with the latest patch.


Oh alright, will check if i can find it.


Alright it was indeed mod related, one called “UI Tweaks - DISABLE SIMPLE UI”

I´ll just leave that here for others in case they happen to have the same issue and are looking around.

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I also had to deactivate some mods, so the game doesn’t crash at startup or when I try to open the inventory:

Clock, My Hero, Loadout Manager

There are probably even more mods, that want to be deactivated for now.

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