What kind of endgame rewards do you want, and how do you want to earn them?

I do think the game would benefit from more end-game rewards. More skins/hats/frames wouldn’t hurt, but I’d like to see something about the current itemization system changed. The way gear is leveled in weaves is interesting, and I wonder if they could somehow bring portions of that into the core game.

Keep decorations could also be pretty cool. Imagine being able to throw statues, banners, furniture items, and more all throughout the keep, and maybe even being able to improve the structures of the keep.


Cosmetics. Give me all the cosmetics. I’ll grind for hundreds of hours to look cool. Rule of cool. It’s an important rule.

But it is way more of a test of skill. It’s a proper milestone, something to work towards. Those are the things that you would want to be rewarded. Not something that is really nothing else than “spend time”.

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