What is proper way to 1v1 a rager in melee?

I haven’t been able to find out how to deal with ragers by yourself without taking damage. Does anyone know the dodges/blocks to do to find openings of attacking them?

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It probably depends on your class and weapon.
As ogryn stagger is pretty efficient and gives a window for heavy attacks.
Combos with heavy attacks (using a cleaver right now), push to control placement, and slap or uppercut.
Also blocking of course.


If you play non ogrin, you can use sword with which you can parry and counter attack.

I used axe, it did stager rager with special attack for short time but I won taking dmg from him

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depends on the class… and the difficulty i guess

for psyker it can be as simple as supercharging the sword and stabbing them in the face

Chainsword special attack with zealot. You clear everything around him, charge up chainsword with special attack and heavy attack him. Makes very powerfull single target attack which also staggers him. You can also use zealots ability which gives him damage/crit bonus on first attack after his dash. Works like a charm, although that ability seems broken atm.

First of all: tag them. Always tag them so your teammates can see them.

Second: tag them. Seriously what are you even doing?

Then after making sure you properly tagged your enemy, press block.

When a rager is in attack animation, you can dodge back twice and shoot him.

You can also dodge backwards, take one step forward, hit, dodge back.

Once they are stuck in animation they are very slow and vulnerable.

Don’t forget to tag them btw.


The proper melee weapon is called a gun.

Alternatively the weapons with a special that results in a stunning instant kill - Force sword - evicerator - chainsword - power sword.

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Agree with the above post. Backstepping while they are in their attack animation and unloading on them seems to be the safest way to deal with them.
Fighting them in melee feels off. Sidestepping doesn’t seem to work very well unless I’m just mistiming them. They always seem to track or they just have a huge hitbox area.

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Only try to engage them in melee if you have room and there’s nothing else harassing you, if you don’t feel completely confident you can pull it off then just keep blocking and dodging and wait for your teammates to take it out.

If you’re using a fast weapon, you can get in hits between their swings as long as you dodge to maintain distance. If your ranged weapon has heavy stagger, use that to stun them. If your class’s ult staggers enemies, use that as well.

Mark IV Tactical Axe heavy attacks frontally stagger them, killing them in around 2 headshots.

You can literally run directly at them and attack. Very satisfying for an aggressive player like myself. It also has the mobility to stay clear in melee. Make sure it is the Tactical Axe, and might need to be the Mark IV

Chainsword needs space to dodge to the side, as staggering them through their attack with the Chainsword is an iffy proposition. At higher levels the Chainsword has the mobility to control the crowd; have to clear a space with grenades then activate and swing. Or just happen to fight them in the open bro

Same way you do it in VT. Block until someone else kills it.


either hold block until a teammate kills it or hold block until it is done with its combo then counter attack.

Like beserkers in VT2 they should definitely be burst down with range if possible. Faster and mobile weapons are also good at attacking between strikes but its risky with other enemies present.

Also just about every weapon special in the game will stagger them, unless its a push from ranged.

Blocking for sure. Just know that blocking isn’t nearly as effective as it was in vermintide 2 due to how quickly stamina goes. On a side note I really hope they reconsider stamina not regenerating while dodging.

Assuming you failed to intercept them at range, depends on your class. Ogre can just run them over with charge, also with a lot of weapons special attack staggers them, interrupting their chain attack. Psyker, force sword special attack at the right moment, also breach the warp if you want to play it safe, also a lot of staves can stun or stagger them even up close.

The problem is they recover too fast so you can block once, maybe twice and then you’re out of stamina and get damaged. And you won’t kill him within the short moment after pushing on high difficulty, not with melee. Personally I don’t bother and make sure my gun is reloaded. If it’s not then I run close to my team while blocking if he gets close.

EDIT: This f*cker seems immune to pushing.

If you’re in melee with them weapon special for stagger. Unless its the dueling sword. Ogryn shield slam will and chaining disrupts them too. Ogryn also has enough stagger strength to push them out of their attack.

Just for posterity, the Psyker duelling sword special attack stuns them with every hit. Easy to stun with that then go in for a few hits and then stun again.

As veteran:

TacAxes: Special attack spam or alternating between Special and Heavy/Lights if you want to be classy/MLG.

CAxes: Same as above.

Shovels: Heavies in impact/thrust builds, specials + heavies as above for other builds.

Knives: If you’re running weakspot rending + mercy kill blessings with bleed on hit talent, weave in and out doing heavy attacks with dodges. Same for punch insta kill builds, but requires more skill. Spam lights and dodge for lacerate + mercy kill. Heavies and dodge for backstab builds while trying to stay glued to their rear or just infiltrate nuke them.

Power Sword: pray to the god emperor, or use grenades then wail on em with empowered heavies.

Chain weapons: special headshot shred if it doesn’t get you dropped, otherwise grenade stagger plus heavies.

Swords: learn to parry, otherwise grenades, heavies and prayers to the god emperor.

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^ for devil’s claw sword. For heavy sword, the special attack briefly staggers ragers, allowing you to follow up with a heavy attack – just repeat special and heavy until the rager dies. Dueling sword special works well too and can be chained instantly after a heavy attack.