Fine tuning for Berserker Enemies

Just two points that I’d like to suggest for berserker enemies in game.

  1. Reduce combo attack range from ~5m to ~4m. This is to help reduce the moments where it seems like the rager combo isn’t going to hit you, but it does. This is to also coincide with the next point.

  2. Dodging rager combos should proc on successful dodge effects instead of not doing that. Currently rager combos do not proc on dodge effects in game. However, when the ragers do their flick off attack, that can proc on successful dodge effects.

If anything, I just want rager fights to be streamlined and refined. Also, it’d be nice to proc duelist on zealot when fighting ragers, especially when the director throws 5 of them at you. Guns tend to be more efficient when fighting large groups of ragers instead of using melee weapons it feels like.


Yep. Hate dealing with them in melee unless I can stun stagger or knock them over… Crusher works great for that while not leaving yourself open to counter-attacks (unlike chainsword specials)… other than this I’ve been running the Shredder since a burst of 3-4 rounds roughly to their heads knocks them on their asses.


For the love of Emperor, yes please. I hate it when I do a massive dodge out of the Rager’s attack pattern and still get hit.

the actual problem is that the berserker combos are very sensitive to lag, and there’s always a BIT of lag with the dedicated servers so you dodge+block and then all the hits get through anyways because the game registered the hits before it got word you’d dodged them.

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Ragers should behave a bit like berserkers/plague monks in Vermintide, where they need a break after a few attacks.
The non-stop attacks with close to no way to cancel their combo, on top of their ridiculous stamina/block damage…


Yep. Best way to deal with them remain from afar, one-hit or CC to lock them and safely dispose. Hard when there’s a whole gaggle of them swarming around, phasing in and out of Bulwarks or Crushers. Really need specials and elites to remain distinct separate entities rather than being able to phase in and out of one another whenever they please.

We already have this interaction with Muties charging or dogs jumping where they bowl over everything in their path to their intended target, should function the same for elites pushing their way through the horde (and each other).

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I too love it that enemies can attack through bulwark shields while we cannot shoot through teammate ogryn with most weapons.

They can be staggered while comboing, but the weapon needs a high amount of stagger in order to break their combo. Too bad you can’t shoot of the dreg rager’s stim vials in order to depower him; like batman ripping off bane’s steroid juice tubes.


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