What if.. Battle Wizard Sienna had access to Flame Sword of Rhuin instead of Firewalk?

It is but a random thought, but I find myself liking it a lot.

If instead of Firewalk: Sienna blinks forward leaving a blanket of fire in her wake…

…she’d have access to Flame Sword of Rhuin, buffing her own and nearby heroes melee damage by adding additional fire damage? In the style of WHC critical hit buff.
Personally I think it would make one of Sienna’s careers more team play oriented, and definitely more fun to play together and as.
But I’m curious if anyone has any opinions on it? Thanks :>


flamewalk doesn’t really work in practical application. it has some uses but they are few and far between

I doubt we are going to see big time conversions of active skills.
Would be cool though. Could potentially remove some of her overheat too. Kind of like she is channelling the overheat to team mates weapons.
Heck…could add it to ranged too. Flaming arrows could have some AoE like hagbane.

And even fewer uses now that the ground target was changed to not allow you to shortcut anything with it, even though you can still do so with dash moves.

Some guy posts video showcasing a bunch of good uses and some exploits with flame walk like getting out of bounds and stuff. Instead of fixing out of bounds issues, they hit it with a hammer and made it so that the vast majority of legitimate uses for the teleport also don’t work in any way anymore.


It does look and sound pretty cool tho

I like your idea op.

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The Idea is cool but this is Fatshark so no not gonna happen

Probably not, yeah.

Will have to wait and see what one can actually do with mods, ONCE IT ARRIVES.

I suggested this idea some time ago, glad it has been brought up again. :slight_smile:

I think it’s a great idea (obviously), and far more thematic for her than a teleport, which . . . is that even a thing Bright Wizards can do in lore?

I think abilities are the most likely things to get re-worked, honestly. The biggest problem would be that they’d have to re-do ult voicelines. Still, they do bring in the voice actors for the new maps (at least going by game one), so it’s not entirely out of the question.

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To be fair I’m pretty sure the bright wizard in dark omen could teleport? Or was that a cheat? :open_mouth:

I remember this idea and like it. Sure twice per game I do end up flamewalk as an escape tool , especially when dancing with a boss, but 80% of my casts are for quick heat venting. I think she’s playable, albeit as a challenge, compared to the pyro. Give her a ult that gives her a more defined role, then.

My other suggestion was a more powerful, slow, non homing attack, whereas burning head would remain the long range quick special remover.

I actually like Flamewalk at this point.

I admit I do use it a lot now just like FK and his charge attack,

Conflag 4-5 times in a row, then burst through what’s left knocking them down and staggering them, and then wiping out what’s left as they stand back up with Dagger.

Its been excellent when a surprise Packrat tries to gank me out of nowhere or facing a Patrol or multiple SV’s. It gives me time for a quick breather and long enough for a fully charged Conflag to clear out some space.

Firewalk has turned out to be a really good ability in Legend… between this and Conflag I can keep things staggered almost indefinitely.

That said… it does have some serious Pathing unreliability problems Kruber FK and Maiden’s don’t.

The problem is Firewalk impact deals 1 damage and burning ground deals 0, in fact any burning ground effects exept oil barrel deals no damage. I hope FS will fix it in 2018…

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I think it’s a great idea for new Sienna career we may possibly see in upcoming DLC. As for her current ability, after compliting 13 map challenge as BW I actually felt in love with it, surprising, I know, but you can have so much control (stun packmasters, stun bosses, just push enemies if you’re surrounded, and reposistion ), if only it would be less terrain-depended and more predictable. In any case, I think we can expect some team-oriented wizard specs in the future, maybe not the nearest DLC, but someday.

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Lol yeah I was just absolutely pissed one game after a hook rat ganked me even though I dodged but it did the jump instead of dodge so he grabbed me.

Then I watched an FK literally run one over with his Ult when it came after him…

So the next packrat I did Flamewalked to… and got my revenge… knocked him on his rear, and then we beat him down.

I was surprised the Flamewalk stuns Rat Ogres and Trolls too. I’ve been having fun with that as well.

EDIT: with a Conc Potion, you can almost chain stun them.

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