Flaming Sword of Rhuin

Why not make this Battle Wizard’s ult? Just a straight up damage buff to allies (not massive, like +30% or something), maybe with a fire DoT on it or something. Right now there’s only one team-buff damage ult (Animosity), which boosts crits and so is similar - but that’s it. It would be thematic, give her a unique and useful team role, and probably be a lot better than the teleport.

  • Flaming Sword of Rhuin
  • Crown of Fire
  • Breathe Fire

All 3 straight from the lore, and all 3, at least IMO, more bright wizard-like and more cool than the teleport.


That is such a good idea. Good job!

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Yeah, it’s pretty clear that BW ability is there to meet the arbitrary “each character must have a career with a mobility ult” rule. Not a bad rule per se, but IMHO the Unchained would benefit more from a mobility skill.

I’d be especially interested in Crown of Fire, but any of the three would fit nicely.

Flame Sword of Rhuin, with Crown of Fire as a level 25 talent augment :3

Yeah, and while I can see why they felt this was important, I think they maybe over-estimated it. It’d be okay for one class not to have a mobility option. Not every class has a stealth option, either.

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