What happended to Lohners Emporium?

Hey guys,

what happened to lohners emporium? I mean we got a 16€ DLC with 0 skins, weapon skins or any cosmetics. Can we have a word on when we can expect lohners emporium to be ready?


It’s been delayed. Supposed to be released in roughly three months when the next (weave) season begins.

Great. So No incentive to play for 3 months.


That’s weaves in a nutshell, this DLC is made with a certain group in mind - who now through leaderboards can boast about how high their score is, in a cooperative game. How else can pr0 players seperate themselves from us plebs?

Fatshark stepped right up to help them.

Ontop of that…they made it NO BOTS to make it even more “Pro” exclusive