What do runes do in new DLC....

I know I should know this… but I spent 5 min on Google and couldn’t find the answer. Pls halp.

Well, find all three and you’ll see. But as you seem to want to spoil yourself…


Finding all three will open up a fourth map, Fortunes of War, which is (apparently, I haven’t seen it myself yet) pretty close to the Last Stand of VT1.

Reddit actually spoiled this for me quite fast, and there are quite clear hints even in the game, if you look around - particularly in Okri’s Challenges.

How did you apply the spoiler thing? please tell me i have been trying to figure that our for some time.

Click the cog icon (Options) in the message window, then “Hide Details”. The text ‘Summary’ or anything you replace it with, will become the header; whatever is written to replace “This text will be hidden” will be, well, hidden.

So with the placeholders, like this:


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…Seems it doesn’t combine that well with a quote, though…


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I love a good spoiler, thanks.

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