Ubersreik 4th map question

Hi there

I was on a group, a player unlocked the rune and then we played last stand in a map called fortune of war, we failed, then, I can’t acces that map in my keep, and the dwarven artifafct is there but it has only a description, no way I can play that last stand map again,

any help?

Have you personally unlocked all 3 runes, i.e, do you have them slotted in your dwarfen artifact?

No, do I need to do all myself to have fortune unlocked forever and select it?

Yes, if you want to host Fortunes of War you have to collect all 3 lodestones.

I was just playing some matches and showing other players how to unlock all the stuff. I hope they spread it.
Anyway, I am still missing a tome and a grim on Garden of Morr and 2 grims and 1 tome on Engines of War.

Oh no! , In that case, I need help

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