What defines a weakspot / And question about weapons

Hello All,

I cannot for the life of me find something that clearly defines what constitutes a weakspot. Is it obvious and I am completely oblivious when it’s right in front of me? Or is it just as simple as being a headshot like with FPS games? And just to piggyback on this, the one giant worm that spits acid, is that a weakspot on its back?

Second question: Is there a site that can better explain what the icons represent when inspecting a weapon? And a clear idea of what the 5 stats are on the bottom (that have yellow bar that represents its proficiency I asume?)

Thanks to any and all help. I have tried to find an answer to these questions for a half an hour, so if this has already been answered, my apologies.

Edit: My guildie just told me there’s a combat arena to practice weapons and abilities. I had no idea, so I’ll play around with that and see if I can answer my questions. I’ll leave this up just in case others find it useful.

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