Weekly loot cap of 20

Just a Question, Is it confirmed by fatshark that the game actually has a loot cap of 20 emperors rewards/week?

If so, what is the point of playing the game after you get these rewards that ususally suck anyway, beside checking the store for some low chance it actually has decent weapon to upgrade.

Seems like farshark does everything in their power to make us dislike this game.


With the ratio there is, you have to play a sh it ton of game to get to 20 rewards o_o

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Well I do play too much I guess, but I blame winter on this one, I hate snow so I don’t go out a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

I do my weeklies for my zealot and my vet, probably 20 or so games on each one, get like 5 emperors gifts for every operative at best.