Weekly Events

I’ve recently put 500hrs+ in this game and the only weekly event that had a custom map was the beer level. Can we bring this back or maybe you have something else up your sleeve? Sometimes the weekly events are borderline unplayable at legend/cata and the repeating modifiers get dull.

When will we see another weekly event such as the beer level? That was really fun and it collecting dust in the archives is a waste.

I know this is subjective opinion but it will certainly help player retention when you add cool map events. Putting flowers in the castle is nice and all but doesn’t do anything for gameplay

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If you liked " A Quiet Drink" map there is a mod that allows you to play it.


For Modded Realm, but there is a simple … hmm … exploit that will allow you to play in the Official Realm too (Although, it would be better to just sanction this mod)

Read the comments under the mod description.