Idea: Drunkenness Campaign

I loved the “A quiet drink” map of the anniversary event, and I miss it. This has given me an idea, could we create a new map of this style every year for the anniversary and always be able to play them?

Over the years we would have an entire drunken campaign! I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a new map every year.


Fatshark has stated (I don’t remember when/where) that yearly things like A Quiet Drink and Geheimnisnacht are intended to remain a yearly thing so people don’t get tired of it and it stays special.

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You can still play A Quiet Drink on Live Servers.

Always fun to have people QM into your game thinking it’s some new map lol.


Yea, I don’t think it’s possible. Unless he means on the modded realm, as you can still play it on the modded.

I believe you can fiddle with it on the modded realm and then play it on the normal realm somehow. I tought this was fixed/removed some time ago, but maybe it still works.

I can still host A Quiet Drink via Custom Map. I set this up quite awhile ago so I’m not entirely sure if it’s still possible to transition over from the Modded Realm.

Basically you subscribe to the A Quiet Drink via Workshop, play it on Modded Realm by Custom Map and when you are in game you simply quit and then go to Live Realm and it should still be selected in Custom Map.

edit: You can find this on the Applied Sanctioned Status.


But I guess every year Fatshark will do something new for the anniversary event, right?

Or will we only have the same thing repeated every year?

I remember them saying that they want to add to all events each year, even with new maps. Also, the ‘old’ content of the event will still be in place, so that the events grow each year.
I hope stuff like no Sonnstill event will not happen again, 'twas a nice keep for a couple of days. :disappointed:

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Honestly, considering how few and far between new maps are just in general, I’d rather they spent that time and resources on maps that are here to stay, rather than doing it on stuff that’ll only happen once a year.

A so-called “drunkenness campaign”, whilst a fun idea, sure, just sounds like a waste of resources.

Especially considering all the work Fatshark currently has cut out for them, what with having to add new Weaves every Season (please dear Sigmar why are we spending time on this), getting the Emporium to work, Drachenfels Remastered, Versus Mode, the new Career(s) that’s coming (and hopefully it’s more than just one), the eventual Crafting Rework, the Heroic Deed Rework, Winds of Magic for consoles, having to make sure that PC, PS4, and Xbone now stays the same across all platforms going forward, and the list goes on and on.

A new anniversary map doesn’t sound like the highest priority right now if I’m being honest, especially if it’s going to take away from new, permanent maps instead.


It is possible, but since WoM, A Quiet Drink is kinda crashing either at the “drink event” (even without mod, as long as you don’t play solo), or at the start of the map if you chose Cataclysm difficulty.

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