Weekly event pretty much impossible due to AI

Weekly event Ranald’s sparkling gift is kind of broken with bots.
They will desperately try to annihilate you with their bombs.
If they do not outright kill you, they will blow you off the map.

Now this wouldn’t be a problem if there weren’t so few players interested in weekly events.
Getting players at some hours has been getting harder and harder lately, so I guess for weekly that narrows it down to prime time, or just avoid it as well :frowning:


Yeah, I can almost never find people for weeklies. Especially now that chaos wastes are out, player base is spread kinda thin :frowning:

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I’d like to add that this mission is impossible on any level that includes a sufficiently long elevator, like righteous stand, into the nest, and the skittergate. I don’t know if the timing is completely random but it’s very frustrating to rush onto the elevator right after an explosion and still get killed on the way up.


Not a solution but a workaround: Play FK with Numb to Pain. In a good world though, the mechanic would set out for elevator rides. Technically, they could make it so that as long as you don’t move, you can’t be the target for the exploding mechanic (would still cause timing and bot problems).

In an ideal world they would work completely over the Weekly Event. Not merging it with Deeds or Twitch or similar though. It has a place as separate entity.

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I like the idea of weeklies, but indeed it seems in need of a desperate overhaul of some kind.
Downside is that it would probably require a long time to be overhauled :frowning:

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