Weaves Season 1 never happened (in terms of rewards) and this is not okay

I felt massively disappointed when I realized that the portrait frames which were available as cosmetic rewards for completing Weaves 1-120 in Season 1 have now become a general, non-seasonal reward.

I sunk quite some time and effort into the grind that was required to get to Weave 120 and beyond because I liked the challenge and wanted to get some soon-to-be exclusive cosmetics to show off. My understanding at first was that there would be frames for a certain placement in the leaderboards - but those were scrapped (and probably for the right reason since you didn’t need to have consecutive completions to get placed in the top 10, for instance). Then I figured I’d still have the three purple frames for the first 120 Weaves - but they are not exclusive either.

Looking at this spreadsheet on Weave stats by rain_dish and Zaphio and comparing the first two seasons, my personal disappointment even grew: Season 2 is not nearly as hard as Season 1 since the damage scaling that we all argued against now essentially starts to take effect after Weave 120. In fact, the first weave affected by damage scaling in S2 is 101 (Season 1: 91) and the increase is far from steep: In S1 it scaled up to 1000% enemy damage by Weave 120 already but in S2, the first weave at this mark is 150.

The communication on Weaves, related rewards and Weave balancing was poor to me. Maybe I overlooked a post somewhere that cleary stated that ghost weaves were apparently nerfed for Season 2 as well (haunting ghosts convert green HP into tHP now and they don’t down players anymore). But all this adds up for me feeling ripped off.

The leaderboards from Season 1 are also gone. There’s no proof of anything in the game right now that tells you or your fellow players that you played in Season 1 and which achievements you’ve reached doing so.

That’s why I propose to retroactively change the portrait frames awarded during Season 1 to be animated ones. Make the purple circle spin or glow or w/e. This would at least distinguish them from the general ones that everyone can obtain now.

Now, for all the people crying about exclusiveness being a bad idea: No, it’s not. It’s quintessential to the meaning of a season. You participate or you don’t. You were one of the first ever to participate? You should get something to reward you for playing in the inaugural season and when this season is over, it’s over, completed, sealed, w/e. Players coming to the game later on have the current season to focus on and everyone in their right mind doesn’t expect to get seasonal rewards from one, two, three years ago when they enter a game for the first time.


Are you absolutely positive that the frames have been part of the Season 1 rewards and not the general Weavesrewards? If so I would support your statement that at least the frames for completing certain numbers of Weaves should stay season specific (exclusive).

On the other hand I would support that challenges which provide a commendation chest should be removed from the season specific challenges and should be transfered to general Weave challenges as they were to much for one season anyway.

As for the leaderboard: While I don’t need it myself I though about adressing it in an extra post at a later part. Because either we don’t do it all or we do it right. And one of the most glaring issues like you said is that only playing one high numbered Weave enabled you to access the high positions. The game should penalize if you skip certain Weaves. This is all the more important for the few poor souls which try to go solo.

As for the nerf of the Death Weaves (Ghostly Orbs): Yes, the change from the orbs replacing permanent health with THP is mentioned in the patch notes. I can look for it, if you don’t find it. Just a general tip. Don’t do the Death Weaves with Unchained because the orbs STILL generate overcharge :stuck_out_tongue:

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There was only one season, of course - with a tab for weaves and one sub-tab for Season 1 in the challenge menu. I don’t recall where exactly the frame challenges were put. But this doesn’t change my understanding back then: that those frames would be for completing the respective weaves in Season 1 and that they would not be obtainable afterwards anymore. All this has changed without a single word of communication.

Yes please, I don’t find it.

EDIT: Nevermind, found it in the Beta patch notes. I really dislike having Beta patch notes and live patch notes not being merged.

They have to do something about this, it’s ridiculous if it’s possible to get S1 frames in S2. Makes zero sense.


I’m against exclusives seasonnal frames (or at least without a way to get them back) as already discussed there ( Season 1 weave challenges ). For matters of completionnist players.

Now, leaderboard could be brought back (a memorium where you can see the rankings of every season could be great).

In terms of rewards, after discussing with people on the other topic =>

  • Old seasonnal reward should still be linked to some sort of challenge
  • Seasonnal should provide new rewards.

Which is why I choose the “ranked currency” way.
Seasonnal challenges gives you frames to fight for and a currency that can be spent in a “ranked shop” for “ranked rewards” (old & new). That way, the content is still link to the challenge done.
Shop Tiers could also be unlocked by the seasonal challenges. (so to attain 120 frames for example, you have to unlock Tiers 3 by doing thoses 120 weaves at least once, and then grind your ranked money to have enough to unlock the old frame you missed.)

Cosmetics (which can be frames but also illusions, hats, etc) are now still linked to a challenge, completionnists will actually be able to get them (with work). Makes the most players happy.


Season 1 120 portrait should be exclusive for season 1.
We did it on insane damage boost.
It is obviously that season 1 was 100 × harder than season 2 as watching season 2 leader board.
Season 2 120 port is already exclusive reward as we see and there is no reason to let season 1 120 port general reward

Before fix weave 95 finale crash, move season 1 port on season 1


As already discussed. Exclusivity does bring nothing interesting to the game. Challenging rewards though, are fine. I stand by my idea.


Moving S1 120 port to S1 tab and making season 1 map available with season 1 dmg boost is the best solution in my opinion

By this, ppl can seaons 1 port if they willing to do 1000% dmg boost

Can also be done. Was proprosed. And I’m fine with it. So you can play earlier seasons, without being ranked, and be able to access old frames with the same kind of challenge.

Sure, but they should give us the old Broken Wizard too!

Come on, guys, there are other problems. I’m fine with that and I don’t want that Fatshark uses even the 0,001% of their resources to “fix” this “problem”.


Actually, now that you can block arrows and that weave of death is doable, you don’t really need the “old broken wizard”.
They already have the scripts done, so yeah they could add s1 back for s1 rewards.

If to get the purple frame I must play with the old damage boost (as a guy proposed), I want the old BW too.

But you don’t need it as you don’t have the old archers anymore.

Should of played 120 weaves in season 1 then with the bw. It’s like people are dismissing the difficulty of the weaves by saying ‘broken bw btw’. it just wasnt fun but the difficulty was still there.

This is true, but devs didnt respond yet

They were never in the season 1 tab.


Devs should figure out what they want to do, and communicate it to the playerbase in 1 big thread and keep their promesses, it’s like they are scared to make a decision.

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They certainly should communicate more. But this is probably what we got by treating them with vitriol each time they make a big post.

But yeah I really would like a more opened discussion. Could prevent a lot of issues.



I repeat: if someone says “for purple portrait you have to play the old weaves” I want the old BW too. Simple logic.

You can repeat but it won’t make it more logical. Especially that it’s not a script. And that enemies and winds of shadow are less dangerous than during s1

It just shouldnt be obtainable again it’s that simple, except if a dev comes out with a statement that the purple frame was not a season reward, but that would mean there would be no season 1 reward at all. And on stream when someone asked, they didn’t even know if it would be only available for season 1 or longer. First we would of gotten ranked rewards but that got removed at the last second, now it feels like they are taking away our only weave reward by making it available to everyone, like what did we get??? ‘an enjoyable competition between our friends?’ no we didn’t we all played because we wanted the reward frame, we could of not done them, but we asked devs if it was season bound but even they didn’t know so we couldn’t really take that chance.