WEAVES - no respawn at final fight if you die before the finale

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If a player in a weave is in the final bubble already and others get downed and die - and have not yet respawned to be freed again and the game finishes you start grey in the final.
If any of this players get downed and killed - you wont respawn anymore.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue
    Play weaves
  • have player(s) in the final bubble of a weave
  • have player(s) happen to get downed and die but not being back again to be set free.
    Game finishes to the end event
    the prior downed players start with grey health - let them die (no matter if healed before or not) and they wont come back to be set free ever again - no respawn for this players.
  • How consistently the issue occurs for you
    100% - had this issue from 1 up to 3 players starting grey into the final and never ever respawning. All other players still respawn and can be revived.

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