2 weaves bugs : Respawn & Scrounger

During the weaves :

  • Sometime, you don’t respawn in the arena part. It SEEMS to come when you start the map in a downed state but we’re not sure about this.
  • Scrounger sometimes doesn’t work in weaves (at least on BH), it therefore require to unequip reequip the trait in Aethenor menu.

Details Update @Fatshark_Hedge (I don’t know if there’s a need to update the task or not) : Can now confirm the lack of respawn occurs when a players was killed, but did not respawn before the entrance in the arena.

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The issue with the scrounger trait has something to do with it getting overridden by a trait from another carreer (including no trait at all).

So if you wanna use Scrounger on crossbow for example, make sure you also set scrounger on the crossbow for WHC and Zealot in the Aethenor.

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