Weave respawn in arena part

Played weave with my friends (weave 23), both me and my friend were downed, so we thought, lets die and we respawn in arena at least with half temhp or even not downed.
However, once we died in arena we never respawned (we spawned there as downed, after taking fatal hit, dead for good)
Meanwhile the other 2 player did respawn even after they died in arena.

Question is, is this a bug or a feature?
Namely, once you die arena, no more respawn (which shouldnt be the case, since the others died and respawned)
Or we have limited life? Then again, i died only once, right before leaving to the arena because of suicide.

We suicide just before the portal, didnt wait for respawn and the other 2 player went to portal straight away after.

That bug occures when player enters arena while being completely dead. So if you get downed, and then you die, and arena loads before you’ll be available for rescue - then you’ll have bugged respawn. Only workaround is to not enter arena before all players will appear for rescue.

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