Weaves next season when ?!

Title says all

Seems we got some manner of event coming up with halloween, possibly involving saltz and sienna so…probably not anytime soon unless they’ve worked on it as well at the same time.

I´d be really surprised if they did that though.

YEah but FS have a history of releasing masses stuff all at once. BBB (maybe some Chaos Waste balancing too?), Vics career,Weaves and Geheimnichnacht all in one wek isn’t beyond the possible.

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That sounds like a dream. I so long for new content !

I, too, would like a new season of weaves for unknown reasons. I even take an obscure and absolutely vague hint about a time frame in Lohner’s bulges

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Dream to get another garbage weaves? 160 trash generic lvls with no reward is not a content.


better than the nothing we have now!

They better do real content. Like new maps, careers, proper rewards. Like costumes and stuff.

costumes are new content?

Do you think both careers could happen at the same time?

There is a small chance i think? Looking at Lohners journal we’ve been getting a fair lot of references to both saltz doing religious things and Sienna´s evil sister doing things.

But we might just get an event with just the characters being the focus of it too, not impossible.

Do you even read? Or this is too complicated for you? I said that costumes should be rewards.

Relax bud, yeesh.
Hopefully the new weave season comes soon, while it was pretty c@ncer getting to 160, It definitely gave me and my group a lot of laughs as just how ridiculous it was.

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