Weaves - Battles of the Past & Lost Weapons

Topic is probably pointless since Fatshark either does ignore the existence of Weaves or a rework is already in the making. Hard to say although we may get news in the near future?

In contrast to a previous topic which only adjusted the Weave framework, the suggestion here would be a full blown rework of Weaves with a large necessary workload. For reference reason I will link the past (and very old) thread for those interested:

Past Weave Sugesstions

Weave Boards (and how to connect to vanilla game) - A Suggestion

As said before, the past suggestion concentrated on the framework. The Weave maps themselves had mostly been left intact. Idea was to make the Weaves easier accessible and to add an element of exploration to the Weaves where completing the Weave in different manners or finding something inside the Weaves would unlock secret maps which would grant more interesting rewards.

I also had posts in other topics where I generally suggested for Weaves having more optional modifiers like the time limitation and the disabler spam being a checkmark which can be set-off with the leaderboard being deactivated as well. For example here:

The Great Weaves Feedback Thread (Season 4 edition - NEW AND AWESOME ! 50% DISCOUNT ON NEW REPLIES) - #2 by Adelion

With this out of the way, let’s come to the new suggestion (with drop-down menu to make the text wall less overwhelming).

Suggestion #1 - Battles of the Past

In one of her dialogues Olesya said that the Weaves are a reflection of the past which is pretty much an excuse for re-using the Helmgart maps. I am not sure anymore if it was specified it these “reflections” have to be of personal nature or not. However, in the past I always wondered why Fatshark does not more with this concept and the idea came back to my mind in a recent discussion about the Grudgebringers and Lohner’s personal story.

Why does Fatshark not use the Weaves to tell stories of the past which are not part of the Endtimes timeline. Examples of this would be:

  • Lohner’s past and the battles of the Grudgebringers
  • Parts of the U5’2 past like for example Kruber’s Mercenary experiences of even the fight against the Necromancer

If Fatshark does not want to explore the past of the characters in this way or wants to keep it a secret for later release or if they want to minimize the work and/or want to re-use existing assets then there are still possibilities. Examples of this would be to make Weave maps revolving around the defense battle of Fort BrachsenbrĂĽcke where the player has first to fend off enemy waves and then has to open to hidden entrance in the underground (after receiving a dovial letter from Lohner). There could also be a map revolving around the overrun of Karak Gnol or Helmgart. All situations where previous maps could be re-used with new objectives and a new perspective. That said I also have a really cool concept for a vermintide-like defense battle game (kinda like a last stand but more objective orientated and for more players) which does sadly enough not mesh with the current structure of Vermintide.

Suggestion #2 - Lost Weapons

This partially revolves around the concept of using Weave Skins on adventure maps (and potentially also using the Athanor system for these specific weapons). It also serves to give a better connection between the adventure maps and the Weaves but has the significant drawback of being an one-time thingy.

Premise would be that the U5 find an old device of Ubersrom which allows to “attach a past to a weapon or to rewind a weapon to its past prime”. In order to use this device Olesya would first need a suitable vessel - a lost weapons. For this each of the currently existing weapons would need a replica weapon hidden in one of the aventure maps (with DLC weapons obviously hidden in the DLC maps (if possible)). This could be either be done by hiding them somewhere in already accessible places on the maps or by adding new or adding new secret places behind closed doors and elswhere which have specific opening mechanisms like finding hidden switches, doing specific actions (for instance reaching a part of the map in a low time) or even by using career skills (breaking a door with Footknight charge, using Ironbreaker taunt to lure enemies on an elevator or trap door to make it break under the weight, using Shade infiltration to pass through a door or using Pyromancer’s flaming skull to lit a hidden torch). This would give the existing maps a new exploration element. Granted with about 80 existing weapons, this would mean about 4 weapon replicas hidden per map which is quite a lot.

After obtaining the replica, Olesya could then use Ubersrom’s device to rewind the weapon to its prime. Gameplay-wise this would consist of playing a weapon specific Weave where you have to use the weapon in question to complete it (so melee AND ranged weapon would be locked to a specific combo). To unlock the skin you can complete it on any difficulty but to unlock the full Athanor system you would have to complete it on Legend or higher. Not yet decided if these Weapon weaves should be singleplayer only (doesn’t match much with Vermintide’s coop nature but would definetly be more of a “skill sign” for those who care, would be low on disabler spam though) or with multiple people.

Then by using those Weave weapons you could gather more Athanor on the Adventure maps (current system of gaining it always would have to be abolished though). Largest issues aside from the workload would be though that Weapon Weaves are a one-kind thingy as there is no reason to replay them and that there is no reason to gather much Athanor especially for long time players which already have maxed it out. However, it would add a new exploration element to the game and tie Adventure mode and Weave mode a bit more together.


I actually love both of your suggestions.
Heres hoping to Fatshark reading, appreciating the ideas, and implementing them slow but surely.
I doubt it will happen, but I’m always hopeful. So many things could make this great game even better, this is two of them.


Yea, mainly because Fatshark has most stuff already planned out and just takes a while to get it to a finished state. I mean we know more or less that Chaos Wastes was in development as early as beginning of 2020? and it only released over a year later.

So if there is a Weave rework planned it is most likely in production already. Or it is still sidelined and they are developing another expansion.