Weave Suggestion To Make It Successful

It has been 3 weeks since Winds Of Magic released.

Weave is the game mode, most important feature of WOM expansion but it seems weave is already dying content at this moment. There are several factors why weave is ignored by players. I will write what makes weave ignored and how we make it popular.

  1. Rewarding Each difficulty chest upon clear score
    Right now, Weave modes reward you essence and 400 xp. Essence’s usage is limited on weave so it can’t attract players if they care chest. 400 xp could be okay at first but if you play weave more and more, you will spend 15 ~ 20 mins on high level weave and at same time, you can take 1320 xp on adventure mode. So both essence and xp is not the reward players seek and that’s why we need more box on clearing them.

  2. Rewarding Weave weapon skins on clearing specific weave stage by specific Hero
    Not only color & pattern, but also their base illusions are different from existed RED weapon illusions.
    Weave skin is great and playing with new toy is always welcome but it can be used for only weave. Players will play weave if they are rewarded with weave skin and as they playing, they will find how fun weave is.

  3. Preserving Weave Season 1 For portrait grinding

Not everyone can play Vermintide 2 24 hours. There are some who can play game many hours but also there are some who can play game 1~2hrs a day. For those, they can not get 80-120 portrait(archmage) because Season will be end each 3 months. If we preserve season 1 even though there are new seasons, they will try to get it and someday they can take it. I think everyone should get portrait achievement without time limitation if they try.

  1. Transfer enemy damage hidden buff to 121-160 from 91-160

Cataclysm Tier 3 is already harder than Cata tier 1 and 2. But there are enemy damage buff after weave 91 - 160 by 0% ~ 1000%. What happened is around weave 100, trashmobs will one shot you no matter how many enemy targeting you.
Slave rat deals 240 hp to player.
archer’s arrow will take your 30 hp.
rattling will take your 30 hp.
assassin takes 60~80 hp each stabbing.

As i play weave till 114, i found this is very unpleasant. If i didn’t care portrait, i would quit weave already. This enemy buff prevents players who seek portrait from playing Weave. There is no reason to put enemy damage hidden buff till 120. Weave 121 - 160 is same preset as Weave 81 - 120 and we can just move damage buff to weave 121 - 160 for leaderboard chasers. You can make both portrait seeker and leaderboard chasers satisfied by transfering enemy damage buff to 121-160 from 91-160.
Also, causal players will stop playing weave if they face this one shot thing because it is too hard.
To make weave great, we should not balance it for less than 1%.

  1. Let players who don’t own WOM can play Weave 0-40 freely

Before they buy WOM, they will want to test it first. More than 20$ is not cheap price and it blocks players to buy it. If we provide Weave 0-40 as demo, they can play to decide to buy WOM or not. Let them play and decide. This approach will makes players to buy WOM more.

If fatshark dev see this, please consider this topic. I spent 4 days to get people for playing weave on last week. I already spent too much time on getting groups before playing weave. Also, I don’t have a time like guys who play weave 114 more than 30 hrs to clear it. It is not my problems only. It is problems that most playerbase will face. If you invest too much to go back, then make weave more fun, attractive, friendly. We care Vermintide 2. We want to see success of Vermintide 2. We play and we feedback to you.

  1. Well one of the main complaints is that weaves have no tie to the main game so yeah I could see where there’s merit to this. They’d have to be careful what chest dropped off of what weave. Part of what I don’t like about the Athanor system is that they went out of their way to make a system that divorces the two modes that everyone would rather have synergy. but yeah provided they give the right amount of reward (weaves might need a different drop table since they are shorter).

  2. This should have been a no brainer and I have a hunch we’ll see them for the cosmetic update in the next major content patch. That said if the only Illusions we get for that patch are the ones that should have been included in this update (weave skins/literally any for the new weapons) I’m not gonna praise the withholding of cosmetics that we should have now.

  3. Getting rid of them seems like eliminating content so I can see the merit in this. If there are particularly fun/difficult weaves in a previous season, keeping them around so players can be like “check this crazy thing out” even regardless of reward might be nice. Besides just deleting them seems like eliminating content.

  4. There’s problems with matchmaking and the way that weaves scale and maybe even on a more base level of what weaves are trying to be. Right now there’s some low hanging fruit like just eliminating reduced essence for repeat completion. Ideally I’d like to see more sweeping changes that maybe make insane damage less of a priority.

To put it another way I think attention to the damage in Cata 3 is less important than considering to how many players Cata 3 is useful or fun.

  1. That or literally do ANYTHING to improve matchmaking. Every decision surronding weaves seems to be designed for 4 man premades. Even considering that the also made it so the people playing weaves are encouraged to never play them after completion. For a company trying to address a content production problem why are they designing a system that kills the longevity of their own product rather than encourage replay and time value of said product.

Anyway WoM has been out for less than a month and your points are no less valid than all the same points made in beta. So we’ll see if weaves get any adjustments this week.

Ya know this is exactly what I didn’t want to happen. The Devs said hey if you don’t like this aspect of the game you don’t have to play it. But if weaves end up a quagmire sapping resource time then that time isn’t spent making some friggin maps. So here I am advocating for a game mode I don’t give two craps about because…man WoM really is the worst.

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