Weave Related Challenges

There is a thing about the weave challenges that goes beyond me. Season 1 challenges are complete X missions with Y career or do one weave of each color for every career or do something unique inside each color group. The challenges that awarded the “cookie” frame variants are global and not bound to season 1. Meaning that if you complete season 2 weaves you also get the hypothetical season 1 rewards as well. Where it should be the other way around. The 40,60,120 frame variants should be bound on season 1 and all the other challenges that are currently season 1 bound should be the global ones instead. I mean it would give a minimum incentive to continue playing weaves after completing the ranked ones. I cannot understand the logic behind it. Please help me understand

We have suggested this before but no change was made. I agree that exchanging the global Weave challenges and the season 1 challenges would make more sense especially since season 1 challenges have been far too demanding to complete them anyway.

I have doubts this will be changed now though as it would mean taking away the frame from people who completed season 2 but not season 1. Although if that really is a reason they could still switch the character and weave specific challenges.


These threads are kind of related if you wanna read trough them.

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@anon75893681 just noticed it today … Talking about slow brain ! Thanks for providing the related threads.

@Adelion I would be okay even if they let them keep the frames. It just triggers my OCD.

It’s too late to remove “purple” cookie frames (40, 60, 120) from season 2, because there could be many players that have played the season 2 only to get those frames.
And before someone says “players knew it, they were s1 related”, the answer is “Nope, Fatshark hasn’t never been clear about this”.
Rather it seems to me logic that they are under “general weaves”, like the other colored circles (first 5 weaves per every color)…

They could just add another frame for 120 season 1.

Apart this, if you want add more weaves challenges, it’s good… but they should not count for the Okri Summary completion (exactly like the current weaves’ challenges… if we exclude reaching 120 weave challenge).

As I said before, I do not care about removing it from players who got it already. It’s more of a sorting issue. The idea of adding a unique frame for us who completed season 1 during season 1 would be great in sense of rewarding but that comes secondary in my mind. It just triggers my OCD. Also as I mentioned in OP going through this challenges, whether they count towards okri’s or not, would give incentive for completionist person like myself to actually bother to replay weaves and incentive for people in general to play QP weaves for more than just the 40 QP weaves Frame.