Weave map design

While weave maps are very nice designed and the atmosphere is cool, some areas are annoying to play in because they block certain paths. i agree that design is cool, but i think gameplay smoothness should go first, and if it blocks a way you have been going on in normal adventure maps for a while it can throw you off. Not a big issue tho :slight_smile:

It’s miniscule to complain about this, i know. but it frustrated me ingame, so i feel like i should post this.
There have been other weaves aswell, the winds where there are crystals on certain maps, can block half a tunnel sometimes. don’t have screenshots at the moment, but i’ll try and update this post.

Edit: Also not really a bug :confused: but i feel like this is the only way i’m sure devs will see it.

I would say that’s a (non-sarcastic) feature of the weaves. They use the map resources differently and let you explore other areas of the maps. In som cases its because those areas are blocked off and sometimes it’s The Pit.

I understand some paths are different, but little things sticking out is not having alternative paths, and it’s not even blocked off, it just makes certain things even more narrow.

I have a hard time judging where/what from your screen shots, but if so I totally get it. I symphatize.

The little wooden stick sticking out. maybe i am totally forgetting, but i’m pretty sure thats not there in the normal adventure mode map.

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