Weave 31 Season 4

I’m just wondering if anyone has tried Weave 31 in season 4. My group got through the first 30 without too much of an issue. However, we’ve attempted weave 31 for 10 hours and can’t even come close to getting the bubble open. We’ve done most other achievements, so I don’t think we’re terrible, but maybe we are? Just hoping for some advice.

I don’t think that this topic should be in “Player Guides” as you usually post solutions here instead of asking for them :stuck_out_tongue:

Nonetheless, Weave 31 is among the harder ones in the block of 40. There are two issues for this mission. The first one is the amount of Gunners and Warpfire Throwers, the second is time.

For the first part of the Weave Shield-bearers are helpful as they allow to navigate outside. However, your first stop should be (as usual for this Weave) into the house with the cellar. Fight there the first wave until you can start picking out the Gunners. After that carry the essence back to the beginning.
Now proceed towards the shack shortly before the wall and barricade up again until you have some air to kill the gunners.

The second part of the Weave is the battle at the great oak. Advise your team to stay at the wall and send one poor shield-bearer up to the oak, just to instantly track back behind the wall. Wait there until all Warpfire Throwers and Gunners have jumped over the wall to be killed by you. Now comes the messy part where you cant hide anymore. Move up to the oak and beyond and get the Stormfiend to spawn. Depending on time you might need to stall him instead of killing.

The third part of this Weave is either great team coordination or cheese. Pick up the essence and go to to slope leading up to the farm house. You will now need a career with invisibility, either Handmaiden or Shade are recommanded. By now you should have found two Concentration potions which you should spare for this moment. The designated player drinks the first potion and immediately gets the second one from another player. He will then carry the essence while active skilling to the farm house and place it into the machine. A third essence will spawn close-by. Pick it up and drink the second concentration potion (maybe before depending on circumstances) and carry the essence back to the middle of the card where the last device is placed. The bubble will also spawn close by. Without the invisibility you will have to face a lot of pressure uphill. This also happens when you run out of invisibility. You may easily get pinged by gunners.

Handmaiden may be best choices since she is fast and invisible and time really is short. Also she can carry a shield.

Here’s some video footage of higher iterations of the same weave. I recommend the second clip since it’s from the elf’s POV who’s supposed to do a lot in this weave.

Adelion - sorry about that. I wasn’t sure what the best spot to post would be. Thank you for the detailed explanation. I think we were on the right track, but were sending Kerillian off to do the chunk runs too early.

Kuli - thank you for the videos. Very helpful.

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