Weave 20 barely enough spawns

When playing Weave 20 with a group of 4, we barely got enough spawns to complete the first part. I remember similar issues during the private beta on the same map (Pasterole / Against the Grain) as well.

Back then the issue occurred every time I was playing with a group, but did not appear when I played those maps solo.

The main difference when playing with a group vs. solo was, that when playing alone, I would make sure to only ever trigger one ambush spawn at a time. But as a group we usually keep moving forward until there are enough enemies to slow us down.

Might be similar to/the same issue as in Weave 16, described here: Slight issues in Weave 16 and Weave 24

I had this happen on weave 2 while soloing, might have something to do with going too fast?

I was just speedrunning and killed them all at the end. After that had to run back and find enemies outside of the map.

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