Weapons, Overpowered or Underpowered?

I can, i’ve seen some do as well but honestly…it was a pain and i much much much prefer using the shield and/or spear on her.

I wonder, the weapon actually tears through things pretty quickly with enough steroids which makes it powerful but…ehm, it´s just so much effort? You have to be so aggressively on point that it gets tiring pretty fast.

It works but i could use the spear and get an equal reward more easily.

So yeah, enough steorids makes it good but…well i made a topic about all that before and conclusion, i do not think that in on itself makes the weapon good. But i’ve seen opinions to the contrary x)

tbf it’s not even good on hm, it’s just serviceable


Only thing elf axe has going for it is shade backstab damage, which is not at all redeeming.

I don’t like the repeater pistol much, but it can be effective in the one specific scenario you mention. It is fun to use Blessed Shots to get a free alt-blast on elites; then about 3-4 shots on a special.

I feel like throwing axes are actually OK on their own. They have very good sustained DPS once you are comfortable using them at point blank range either hitting headshots or picking them up to avoid needing to reload. It’s just that both RV and Slayer uniquely punish you for using them, Slayer because it doesn’t count as a one handed weapon and RV because if you’re generating all that free ammo you might as well use the overpowered Masterwork Pistol.

The obvious fix for slayer is to let him use them with his one handed trait, maybe the two handed one too. For RV I’m not sure, it’d be more appealing if one of his level 20 talents replaced his ammo drops with something better (e.g. buff drunken brawlers ale but only drop ale on special death).

I’ve no issue with their damage, mainly their clunkiness was completely unnecessary, coupled with their miserably long reload/impractical retrieve feature.

If the axes had half the ease of use as Javelin, their downsides would be a worthwhile trade off

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Actually, just playing around with the throwing axes and had a nice thought: Just have them auto-pickup whenever you are near them. It’s asinine that in the middle of battle you’re supposed to just spam the use key constantly. This would make them way more usable and convenient.


I mostly agree with your take here, though I think they’re still needlessly clunky even without the anti synergies with both classes that can use them.

I agree addressing Slayer is easy. Either one or both his 1h/2h talents are made to work with them, or +5% crit chance is reworked into something more impactful that would also be desirable for throwing axes.

The auto pickup is a pretty good idea. That would definitely help, though I’m a bit lost thinking of a way to make them relevant for RV. Even if we entirely ignore MW Pistol, it’s hard to see RV ever wanting to run throwing axes when it’s up against infinite ammo with all his other ranged weapons. Making survivalist caches actually work with them so they could function as an emergency reload might help a bit. I’m still of the opinion that the reload animation at very least could do to be sped up a bit. The right click throw might be a bit more sluggish than it needs TBH. While you can certainly play around their arc, at very least their projectile speed is a pretty major weakness, having them be so clunky in all of their animations as well as that is pretty overkill IMO.

If reload animation time could be dependent on the distance the axe is from Bardin that’d help a lot and be a pretty neat feature that reinforces it being a close ranged weapon.

RV w/ throwing axe stuns CW on a headshot and can very quickly kill them with 3 I think. It’s a bit memey but when it works its fun. Headshots SV in one, which is also fun to do at point blank range and you can theoretically take out a whole lot of them quickly. Ulting and then just spamming them into the back of a monster does a lot of damage. It also makes last resort plausibly interesting since you can just hold 1 axe and get the 25% power on it (once you throw it you’ll get the 25% power before it lands). Though it also kind of synergizes with master of improvisation since every thrown axe counts as a reload.

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