Weapons List Database [Updated, 65 Weapons]

We have a Darktide Weapons List database with currently 65 weapons, these should be all available during the pre-order beta. Once the game launches, we will add the remaining ones too. Fatshark said there will be 80+ Weapons during launch.

We also added filters, you can select classes, weapon categories and melee/ranged.

Weapons List: Darktide Weapons List - All Weapons in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide - Darktide WH40k - Games Lantern
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If a trait or weapon is missing, you can always report it in our discord and we will add it right away.


You can also find other useful pages on the site such as:

We also created a Darktide Discord Bot that allows you to search things like weapons, classes and it posts news posted by Fatshark.


Ah, this is very nice! Great work!

There’s a lot more autogun variants than I realized. I need to understand better the differences between them, but its hard to get a full description.


Do you have a list of total traits for all melee and ranged weapons?

80 weapons, of which 5 are Psyker weapons… feels bad man