I'm making a weapon spreadsheet, so you don't have to

Hi all, since for now it’s kinda hard to get specific informations on weapon differences and behaviour in game to compare them without spending a huge amount of docks buying and trying every weapon in the game, I want to make a spreadsheet that can be used by everyone. To speed the process I would like to ask anyone interested to reply here with a quick summary of any weapon you can find. Both a screenshot or a text would be good, a weapon you have or you see in the armory or requisitorium. About this, I think useful information to get will be: it’s five stats, weapon damage, and general type of fire (like burst/torrent/versatile and so on, these are easy to get), but also ammo, rate of fire, reload time, stamina, dodge and sprint stats (this can be seen in the inspect tab) and also any additional useful information (for example the accatran mkviia has one extra penetration on his shots, penetrating two unarmoured enemies and hitting a third or one infested and hitting a second). I will be using this information to calculate base stats for each weapon mark on a spreadsheet, that I will post or copy here when it’s ready. Thank you for your attention, if you have thoughts or feedback I’ll gladly read them ^^


This site has a mostly correct list of weapons and their blessings, it is a good place to start.

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Ty, i’ll give it a check.

There are errors and thing that you don’t have infos.

Example, there is no shred blessing for combat blade.
Other example, Flechette and man stopper are only T2 for shotgun

Hence mostly correct.

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Update: Ok so my initial approach was wrong, but luckily I found an useful tool made by someone that helps in getting the info I need. I’ll finish the spreadsheet and I’ll post it.

Darktide Breakpoint Calculator found this useful tool someone made


Hey, this is nice work. Thank you for your time.

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