Weapon Restrictions on Bardin?

So I’ve been playing around in the modded realm, trying out some illegal weapon combinations on Bardin. And my question is this; why are Dual Axes Slayer-restricted? There is no reason a non-slayer dwarf could, after some deliberation and heavy drinking, think, “…What if… Two of axe? Heheh, old ranger trick…” It makes no sense lore-wise and makes less sense gameplay-wise. They fill a niche that none of his other melee weapons do well, that of “boss-and-elite-killing.”

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I feel like dual-wielding in alot of games is usually only seen when the character is either reckless or abnormally agile and cunning. Fighting with two weapons at once is sacrificing more defense than is usually believed, if not pushed to absolute perfection.

That being said, the 1h and 2h axes are quite good at removing elites, just not to the same extent as the dual axes. And, from a gameplay perspective, it makes sense the slayer gets a powerful weapon, seeing as he sacrifices any sort of ranged combat. For me, atleast, one of the huge reasons to play slayer is dual axes, and if the other careers had access to it, I feel like it would take something away from slayer.


It’s true that right now, the huge draw for Slayer is the Dual Axes, but I feel like his Action skill is also a very important thing to consider. It’s got virtually no cooldown (if you take Adrenaline Rush at level 15, you can be using it while still under its effects every time) and drastically increases his CC and DPS capabilities. He’s still a good career, and if removing Dual Axes’ career restriction makes Slayer less useful, that speaks more, to me, to the relative strength of the career. My thing is that the other careers could also benefit from the Dual Axes, and if the only reason not to have them is that Slayer would suffer some meta-nerf as a result, maybe Slayer needs something more in his toolkit.

The Dual axes are the strongest melee option for Bardin, though not overwhelmingly so. Allowing them to be paired with, for example, Grudgeraker or Drake Gun would bring them (or at least the combination) to brokenly overpowered level, as either side does very, very well what the other doesn’t. When limited to Slayer, with no ranged options, these combinations are moot as they can’t be acquired without mods (or actual cheating), and its being somewhat better option in general is mitigated too as there’s still a weakness and Slayer is very much a melee specialist anyway. Having sole access to his best melee weapon is part of that specialization.

Then there’s the thematic side. Ironbreaker is far too defense-oriented to ever use the offensive style needed by DA, and I don’t think Ranger is reckless enough either. He’d have the good sense to use one for throwing, more likely.

Well, in real life (oh, dear) usually the off-hand weapon is used more for defense and feinting than offense. Axes are somewhat more difficult to effectively parry with than a sword or dagger, though, so they do stand closer to your point. Cinematic combat and very few real-life styles, of course, go for the “full offense” version, and this game uses the cinematic conventions more.

This is true, but then, it’s all relative. Kruber and Kerillian, for instance, both have unrestricted access to what might be called their “best” weapons, melee and ranged in Kerillian’s case. Any of Kruber’s careers can use the Halberd and Executioner’s sword, both of which are excellent for Horde-Clearing, Elite-Killing, and Boss DPS. It’s the same deal with Kerillian’s Glaive and Sword-and-Dagger, and her Longbow is great for Elite-Killing and Boss DPS, and her Hagbane Shortbow is good for Horde-Clearing and Boss DPS. The existence of those weapons as unrestricted for their respective characters makes any of Bardin’s careers redundant by comparison, in my experience. In almost any case, a Mercenary Kruber with a Halberd will be better than any combination of Ranger Veteran/Ironbreaker loadouts, and same with Waystalker and Shade Kerillian. I guess my point is, I like Bardin’s careers and would like to be able to use them more, and Dual Axes being unrestricted would definitely help in that regard.

I have not looked for some time, but I can’t recall any dwarf unit in the warhammer rule books that duel wield weapons (other than lord/hero options which none of bardins class options are).

they are all 1h, 1h+shield, 2h (great weapon). which may well be the reason slayer is the only one that gets to use dual axes, similar reason the “shade” is the only one that can use the repeater crossbow, shade is a dark elf class, and only the dark elves use the repeater? again been along time since I have looked at the rule books and lore.

Typically, slayers are the only dwarfs who would bother to learn the skill of using two weapons. besides, he has to have something going for him, right?

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