Weapon properties and hero trinkets

Hi guys,
I’m pretty new in game and also in forum. I’ve some questions about weapon properties. I would be appreciated for your help.
I really don’t know which properties for which weapons should I use. I know it’s a matter of taste but I need recommendations. For example: Elf / Dual swords
I choose always attack speed (it’s a kind of must for me) and crit chance.
or for Dwarf / Great axe. I re-roll for attack speed and more power against the armoured.
Or for all kind of ranged weapons…
actually all the wepons for all heroes.
I need some suggestions; which properties would be better for which weapons.
I was looking for some related topics but I couldn’t really find anything. Can you please show me some informations about that?

I also would be appreciated if you inform me about, which Trinket / Charm / Neckless properties are suitable for which hero.

Thanks in advance / Stay safe :slight_smile:

Item properties heavily depend not only on weapons, but on your class, skills, and ranged / second weapon choice as well. If you can tell us which weapon on which class you want to play, I’m sure we can give you some pointers.

There is also a brilliant google doc around which can be used to calculate breakpoints, which is very helpful in choosing properties. I momentarily do not have acces to my PC though, so I can’t link it at the moment. Will see if I can do that later. Or maybe somebody else has it at hand?

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Thank you so much for your answer and help.
There isn’t really a charachter that I want to always use. I always play with all (except Sienna) and I’m using very different weapons anytime.
I found that doc file, let me have a look :slight_smile: Thanks again

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If you need some pointers just ask.

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If you just wanna follow some build to get you started, steam guides are perfect for you.

It’s better once you understand how everything works, that you build your own and not just follow ‘overall public’ ones, as they are very general, but they are a good place to start and have most important bp’s overall.

Not sure if WoM steam guides exist tho, would be weird if nobody made any. The breakpoint sheet that @TmanDW suggested is great aswell.

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Using crit chance on any weapon with the trait swift slaying is a pretty safe bet, pairing that up with either stamina or blockcost reduction is pretty much always good although it´s possible to get away with attackspeed on quite a lot of weapons too

Lower stamina weapons will however almost always need some extra.

As for ranged weapons, slower ones that you use to snipe you´d want the trait “conservative shooter” which refunds ammo on headdshots unless you are playing huntsman.

He has that trait built in, so you can just use whatever else you like if you happen to be running it.

For faster firing weapons like elf shortbow or saltz brace of pistols conservative shooter is still good but ammo refund on crits can also be excellent.

As for trinket properties and such.

For the necklace you usually want any mix of stamina/health/blockcost reduction, these will be your defensive backbone and will end up being very helpful.

The charm, if you like attackspeed, has it which pairs well with anti infantry or anti armor.

The trinket at last needs curse resistance(not optional unless you are very confident in yourself) and then you can either use cooldown reduction or crit chance(to help proc swift slaying for more attackspeed) for some safe bets.

The 3 trinkets can generally be used across all heroes with little issue or need to change anything particular unless you happen to play say huntsman kruber with longbow and really want to reach a particular breakpoint or such.

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Like @Frostysir said, some trait choices are universal safe bets, others are more dependant on context. I only wrote a post once in depth about specific trait choices on a specific class (axe & shield Ironbreaker). If you’re interested, here’s a link:

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Thanks @anon75893681
I’m looking for Steam guides now :slight_smile:

I’m appreciated for the informations.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Ignoring cataclysm difficulty for a moment and the fact that you might wanna tweek certain things for certain hereos in the lategame. The 3x2 sets of properties that are best to put on your jewlery if considerd in a general sense across all heroes/classes goes something like this: 1. Necklase: 20% Health 2 Stamina + Boon of shalya 2. Charm: 10% power vs chaos 5% attack speed + Proxy or decaneter (Selfish or teamplayer) 3. Trinket: 33% Curse resistance and either 10% Stamina recovery or 5% crit chance (safe or risky) + Explosive ordinance. Swift slaying on most melee weapons and either form of ammo regen on ranged. :slight_smile:


Good rule-of-thumb advice here.

What’s also very important to realize about Vermintide, is that it’s different from other games (like Diablo) where your gear decides for an important part which difficulty you can handle. In Vermintide the most imporfant factor by far is player skill, and that’s also what makes this game so much fun. A new player with top tier gear and optimized traits still wouldn’t last 5 minutes in Cataclysm, and an experienced player with white gear and low hero power level could still drag a win out of higher difficulties. So don’t focus too much on gear. Learning and practicing gameplay principles is waaaaay more important here. The gear will follow.

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