Are certain property combos barred?

I’m talking about properties that are available in the relevant weapon pool. I’ve blown in excess of 400 dusts trying to get these property combos on these Salt weps.

X BOW=power vs chaos & power vs skaven

FLAIL=attack speed & crit power

Are these combinations possible? Am I just having really bad luck?


As far as I know, only Power vs. Chaos and Skaven on weapons is a forbidden combo. Maybe DR vs. both on Necklace too. Attack speed and Crit power certainly is available, I got it several times today (to my frustration). The rest is just bad luck.

In general, only mechanic-specific Properties and Traits are limited to particular weapons, any others are limited by item type. Power vs. both is specifically denied on weapons, as FS didn’t want to give us a “generic” Power bonus, usable against everything. It slipped through to Charms anyway, and was removed even from them for a little while. That was reverted primarily for consistency and fairness reasons, though (as it happened after the game had been out for a while already and people were using that particular combination, so it would’ve been unfair to new players).


Been said armoured monster on neck can be rolled too

You mean cannot. And it was on charm if I am not mistaken? Or maybe ranged.

Can’t have + armor on melee weapons, I believe.

“Melee weapons can only get Power vs Skaven/Chaos” (only one)

I was thinking ranged couldn’t get skaven + chaos, but not sure.

Charm and ranged roll more or less the same except no attack speed option on ranged weapon and no crit on charm. You can get chaos/skaven on both.

Melee you cannot get both chaos and skaven.

Neck no DR versus both chaos and skaven (which I really dislike)

It’s defenetly possible, I’ve seen this combo few times on a melee weapon.

BTW in was possible to roll this combo in a very early VT2 patches, at least I saw it on someone’s stream in 1.05 or 1.06 version.

You can’t have this stat combo on a ranged as well, only on a charm.

Also you can’t roll Monster+Armoured on a charm, but can have it on ranged.

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Thanks for the detail

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