Weapon Model Size feels wrong

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i pointed this out already a while ago that the PLasma is super short. Its like an M4 Carbine Version of a Plasma Gun. Its just to short and fat. Or lets say the shortness makes it look really fat.

Same herre with the Chain-“Sword”. Its not a sword its a Chainmachete… in the Gameplay
The lenght and wideness seems wrong. It really is a Machete. Short and broad like one.

Please make the Chainsword less broad and add at least a 3rd more length to it, better half the length. Look at the Rapier you have in V2. Has a nice length.

Gameplay footage of the PLasma. Sry couldnt find any better PIc. Btu you see how small it is. Not long enough IMO


So the PLasma is relatively Sleek in Design. Compard to the first trailer we saw. That one was a mix between Plasma Pistol and Plasma Gun.
(PS: Yes one is a Caliver, but its Plasma nonetheless)

here from the Gameplay. Model itseldf looks cool for sure. Maybe add some Smoke coming outta there from the slits XD. sadly couldnt really here the Chainsword in action, was not loud enough…

See, its much longer than in Gameplay we saw. Looks WAY, WAY better with added lenght and less broad.


There tons of model/variant of the weapon the IoM uses


As for the Melee weapon, most worl have different looking Chain, Power, Force, … weapon that come from their history/Tradition


Warhammer Fantasy has more known/seen weapon un named weapon but 40k has a higher liberty (with Mono molecular, Power, Sonic, Force, Chain and so on) of Pattern due to the vastness of the setting


I didn’t notice it until you pointed this out. The weapons now kind of do fell shorter than needed. I wonder what they had in mind when creating those. Personally I hope that we get less weapon looks/transmogs we had in V2 but ones that actually change size and model of the weapon more significantly. Maybe the attachments will help to fill this role. Like adding a longer barrel or exchanging some parts of a plasma gun. That would be sick.


Yes and NO.

Some Weapons are established and have a certain Size. POwerfist you mention for example doesnt get any smaller even for IMPS.

Power Weapons certainly do yes, youre right but that was not the point here. Weve seen the power Maul and it has a nice Size etc.
Different Models of Weapons you point out, well Aesthetics to a degree yes. But the Gun stays the Same regardeless.

Only one is Plasma yes. Its shorter sometimes but therefor Bulkier. The one here has no visible Buttstock, so it seems too short.

Chainsword however is way too short and to broad. There is no such Chainsword in 30/40k. Not one one Model i know of and certainly not in Art depictions. But you can prove me wrong, no problem.
Pattern dont make the Weapons Smaller per ce. Yes there are Carbine version and so on for Rifles maybe. bu thats about it. A Sword is a sword and there is no way abou it.
if the Weapon has some kind of Generator and whatnot it cannot be smaller due to that Parts in the Weapon if you know what i mean.
Especially as an IMP you want that reach for sure. This are not Catachan Devils with their Bowie Knifes aka Machetes/Swords. There you can go whatever i dont mind it.
We are not talking about UNAMED or never before seen Weapons, we talk about especially the Chainsword which is super IConic and a staple for Warhammer.
I leave one Eye closed (already)n for the Powersword which could look way way cooler than it is IMO.
Look at Deathwing, the Sword there just looks Epic in Proportions/Size. Like a real Sword. Yes there are different Bladestypes for sure. But still, they`ve proven on Rapier that the Sleak Blade just looks that much more better! ^^

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That’s wrong, some pattern have known size (even sometime published Schematic) but we don’t know all of the setting

Also Wrong, the Lasgun for the example have a myriad of known (and we know it’s the tip of the iceberg) pattern who have different size (with the only known size being the Galaxy Short Pattern

Chain Weapon exist in most type of normal weapon

The weapon we saw had the Flachion move set, and the size seemed similar to the one seen in this picture

I think you don’t understand what a Named Weapon is

A Named weapon is either a one of a kind (ie: Storm’s Teeth, the Chain Sword of Dorn) or a f weapon where we know the look of said weapon (ie: Eviscerator) and this is a weapon that has specific size and look

Chain Sword are a type of weapon, like Power Sword, Force Sword, Choc Sword and others. the only determinant to what is a Chain Sword (Or a Chain weapon) is that it has a Chainsaw in place of it’s edge

image image image


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Hey there,

Good Answer i have to say XD
Yes i agree with the Lasweapons, ^^
I said however:
Pattern dont make the Weapons Smaller per ce. Yes there are Carbine version and so on for Rifles maybe. bu thats about it. A Sword is a sword and there is no way abou it.
if the Weapon has some kind of Generator and whatnot it cannot be smaller due to that Parts in the Weapon if you know what i mean.

Was Intersting to see why Ryza has Lasguns, since i remember them being the “THE” Plasma Weapon Manufacturer Nr. 1 in Warhammer. And i thought their PDF/ Mechanicus Forces use Plasma Exclusive either for Infantry and on Tanks for the most part.

Really Good Vid as always

No, i was not entirely wrong. These are all under the name Sword, nonetheless they have specific Names.
There are Half swords, One handed, One and half Handers, Bastards, 2 Hander and yes Falchion, etc. All this fluff and whatnot in 30/40k comes from this set rules aswell.
A Chainsword is a Chainsword regardless. Its a One Handed Sword in size. Example is your Chain Cutlass. A Cutlass now that you mentioned it, would be neat to have. Its more for Navy however i reckon, since its a Cutlass. (Yes, there are always exceptions)
But Cutlass also have regular Size Sword length but they are curved for more Power on slashes. Its a pure Slash Weapon like a Scimitar. You can always stab but not as efective.(Rapier is always made for Stabbing primarly/normally.) The length itself is normalsized. This helps in small spaces like on “Ships/ Boats”. They kept it in 30/40k as tradition aswell i reckon becasue of Ship to ship Battles/ Boarding.
What im going at is, that if its a Falchion size its called that, if its Cutlass, same etc.

But the point i certainly agree is that its not called anything yet, since it was only Gameplay :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
has a clearly established size and Form.

You mentioned it, the Attackpattern,definetly could be the Falchion for sure(Havent played with Falchion in ages with Salty). The Picture at the end with the Officers proves me right not wrong. The length is how it should be, a proper One Handed Sword length not like in the gameplay, which one is way shorter like i said.

And If we are honest its not even a Chain-Falchion aswell, it should have a thinner “Blade” size at the Handguard if we have to be really picky. Its an established size. But since it needs to have a Motor of some sorts…
A Falchion is nothing more than a Machete made for battle. Yes there are weird examples which are more Hybrids than a Classic Falchion. Some even look like Cutlass but with a broader and more heavy Blade.

Classic Falchion

You could call it Classic aswell
Highly Irregular in Form, but still called a Falchion Looks more like a Cutlass, but way heavier i reckon.

Yes i know there is chain"Bayonets" and Glaives and Axes… Bu it called what it is, not a Sword. " "
2 Handed VIscerator or whatnot also.

But what we didnt mentioned that not only me we referred to it as a Chainsword and not a Chainweapon. Like i explained on Top. Thing is if somoene talks about “Sword” it automatically at least for me a regular one Handed Sword size.
UMBRELLA TERMS is the thing… Correct would have been Chainweapon!

Named Weapons
Yeah that one was my bad. English is not my Primary Language.

EDIT: Not sure if you misstyped “Choc Sword”, cause i dont know that. But please explain, im wondering now. ^^

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The smallest model of Plasma weapon the IoM use are Plasma Pistol
That mean that Plasma Weaponry can be even smaller than what we see in the 1st trailer

  • Chain Sword

We will most likely have more than 1 Chain Sword, the one we saw in the Gameplay was a Chain-Sword [Model Falchion], there are going to be longer Chain Sword (like we have longer Sword in VT), there may even be Chain Knifes


Tech-Priest foundry masters have speculated, down the centuries, that it is simply a natural evolution of the sword’s design: from bronze to iron; from iron to steel; from steel to chain-teeth; and from chain-teeth to a weapon wreathed in an energy field - such as the Imperial power sword.

In the W40k universe, Chain Weapon are a normal step in Melee combat research, but it also mean that if you learned to fight with one type of sword or Melee weapon that are normal/traditional on your planet/regiment, you are going to make/use a Chain (traditional) Sword

To clarify, a Chain Sword is a Sword whose blade was turned into Chain-saw blade (but also Rotary blade)

You also mentioned that the Chain Swords that I showed were from SM Chapter (Space Wolf, White Scars and Blood Angel) but you edited it i think

Most weapon used by Space Marines are OLDER (in their conception, not manufacturing) than the foundation of the Space Marines (30th Millenium) and were then adapted for their use (Same can be said for Custodes or Thunder Warrior).

The only reason SM on the TT have the most variation is due to GW always putting out new thing for them while ignoring or downright slashing the others miniatures choice

Yeah, meant Shock Sword (not canon any more but the tech is still canon, like for the Shock Gauntlet)

Hey Man,

Yeah i know Plasma Pistols. But i only mentioned the Rifle, cause yeah…XD
Most definetly are going to have a real One Handed Chainsword, not a Chain Falchion or whatever hahha i really hope so. Its gonna be cool nonetheless but i will get annoyed a bit everytime i use it when its only that one…

Cambridge explanation well… Sword is the Ubrella Term. I listed specific styles of swords. I know what a Chainsword is ^^ ChainAxe, Chain Glaive, Chainfist (for whatever reason that exists… Unlocking Doors in a Hulk, but well, you have a Powerfist already uummppff… No its to preserve the Fist i reckon, since its hard to fix and easy to be broken. so why “break it” on a Door and not a Face right XD)

*Yes you were right with deleting, i was referring to SM Weapons you showed. But it made no sense so i deleted it. SM Chainweapons, the ones you showed, were Chapter Specific like Frost Weapons, or Primarch specific, so the are in their own Category more or less… They sometimes have added things or whatnot that makes them their own class, especially when it comes to Primarch Ones.

Okay Frost Weapons/Blades are the very most Rare of em all, except Primarch Weapons because they are totally Unique. Frost Weapons cannot be made anymore and are Wolve specific. And they come Chained or Power as far as i know. Have the same potency as powerweapons at least.
Yeah i mentioned that one in the lower left corner which was a White Scars specific. Its curved Chainsword, a little smaller than a normal sized one Handed Chainsword cause you know “Huns” “Horseback”, Scimitars XD

About the Conception and stuff.
Yes, some Weapons are wielded only and only by specific Chapters. Thunderwarriors are out of Question anyways. Im reading HH and there was only one Book with 2 TW that survived the Emperor after he obliterated them due to Unification. But maybe im gonna see more who knows. not fiished yet.

Shock Weapons souns intersting, i have to read on it!

But lets be honest, im not really sure if a Chainsword is really a step up to swords. Maybe normal Swords… hard to say, probably yes. When you think abou it. You need less Physical strength, but it takes more time to go through a target if you think about it. Wielding it like a Normal sword and cutting Enemies like through Butter probably not. The Teeths are “sharp” enough if you give em time true, but they would have need to be so freaking fast that you can wield it like a normal or Powersword, for results like chopping limbs. Its more a Grinder Weapon . Sometimes but not alwys its portrayed like that. Other times you swing and cut through limbs like butter. But again, for that the speed of the Teeths must be ridicoulous in speed. Its what you expect from Monomolecular blades. Not that the Teeths are not powerfull enough to go through the Armor Meat. I think you get it. Its hard for me to explain in English. Since the Teeth are the “Blade” so to speak off. They need to move for the Cutting power itslef, yes. So this is why speed is the most essential on the Chain to get it done slicing through Limbs. I guess Arms are fine since they are normally not so thic compared to Upper Boddy. Its weirldy portrayed in terms of Fighting in Books. Limbs are okay to an extent i feel like, But Upper Torse or so, its more Opening up and Shredding into the meat and Armor with slashes, rather than slicing through if you get my meaning XD
SM can slice and Dice with it, but they are bigger in size and maybe have better faster Motors. Nobody knows. Its not said. But it has to be since they fight with it like a normal sword if you read about it.
But they do a really good Job portraying it in the Gameplay for sure. Its a lot grinding and stucking inside Enemies. I Guess you can hold the Button on each swing. Would make sense to unleash the full potential.

Yet again, we talk about IMPS and not Custodes, SM or TW, since they are their own Breed.
Really hope to see One Handed Size Chainsword. Thats the only one we need for sure. I dont see any IMP with Viscerator or Chainaxe. I was surprised seeing a Traitor Guard with a Chainaxe for sure in the Gameplay. Cant rem,eber reaing about Traitor Guards using them. The only Regiment i could think off would be the ones that served with World Eaters. Not to say that Chainaxes were World Eaters Exclusive, but it more or less was. Its their Style, Berserkers with Axes and whatnot XD
But yeah Interesting nonetheless. Why not spice it up a bit.

And i wanna say, im not against a Chain. Falchion in any Way, but i was a bit dissapointed not seeing a proiper Chainsword… ;-(( Nonetheless this is an absolute Dream Game and i cant wait for Alpha hopefully and Beta etc. if they allow it so ^^

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