Weapon letdown

Generally im letdown by weapons as i unlock them as class and generaly balance wise

I spend time to unlock weapons and they arent an upgrade. They arent a better/more fun to play weapon. They are a stright downgrade.

As Veteran, which “base” Lasgun is better ? One is super slow in tapping, another is neither strong nor fast, and another is fast with little recoil. Than there is one that charges the shot and basicly this whole line is a fail as it doesnt have rate of fire, no strength on tapping and i dont see power when fully charging. On top of that, scope is replaced with wirst iron sight in history of gaming.
Later i get Boltgun - practicly the most iconing Space Marine weapon, one of top tier weapons in W40K, so powerful that wihtout a bipod or power armour its hard to even fire. But in DT it cant kill a mauler by shooting 3 shots at his flak armoured chest. A Bolt shoould be able to destroy body of any human with a single shot. DT managed to maintain some of its hardships when used by mere human, but doesnt pack a punch. Headshotting a gunner doesnt insta kill… they got flak armour.
Than i get introduced to plasma gun with its terrible design of fast heat gain, VERY slow heat loss, Heat sink ability that does damage to health and is so slow it cant be used during combat, and its incredibly long reload animation, which in fact loses heat faster than heat sinking from 70%…

simmilar in Ogryn, you get Ripper Gun, than Mk V Ripper gun which is about 20% less damage at cost of higher stability… cant one shot in the head a scag gunner, where i could with Mk I.

And its the same with power sword being a good weapon, good damage, very good cleave, but when charged its just too fun to cut Ogryns in half. and with that i get chain axe, which is not weak by all means, but lacks cleave, interrups YOUR movement and dodging… generally Power Swords weakness is that it needs to be charged every 2-3 swings, but the cleaving power it has in swarms !

I know balance is not easy, but its not that some weapons are better than others, its that some weapons and TRAGIC !

The bolter is literally already the best ranged weapon in the game. Do not advocate for it to be more powerful, as it’s perfectly fine and feels beefy enough as-is. In addition, you’re wrong. It’s not one of the ‘top tier’ weapons in 40k. It’s significant, yes, but it’s not even close to heavy firepower in the setting. Further, the bolter you get in Darktide is not a Space Marine weapon. It’s a Locke-pattern boltgun, a .75-caliber firearm, rather than the .998 caliber the Astartes use.
As a Veteran main, if the bolter gets any stronger I will feel bad for the Psyker and the Ogryn - more than I already do, because both of those classes need some love.

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Bolter man, 0.75 or less in some cases.
Heavy Bolter can use .998, but thats a heavy weapon not a “small machine gun”

Still doesn’t justify making that gun any more powerful. It’s already the best gun in the game.

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And Plasma Gun is a joke (mechanic wise) while chain axe with nerfed dodge is nothing compared to cleave weapons.

Bolter shoildnt have more than 3 spare clips.

With a ridiculously long draw time where you needlessly rack the gun everytime you pull it out, I don’t think anyone can claim it’s too powerful; it’s already in the game PRE-NERFED.

Frankly, most of the weapons need either a power increase or a more satisfying fluidity.

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