Weapon characteristics should match their effects and stats

Sienna’s mace does not apply a DoT on any of its attacks and yet it still has the Damage over Time characteristic.

I understand that the rebalance removed the DoT, so please don’t bother telling me.

Her fire sword applies a DoT that appears to be classified as a burning effect as its damage is increased by Famished Flames, but Lingering Flames doesn’t cause it to persist on dummies. It’s not a big deal if it does cause it to persist on actual enemies, but that does mean that the dummies are next to useless for build testing as they can’t really be trusted for anything but pure crit builds. The same appears to be true for the dagger, regardless of what illusion it has, so even daggers with no flame effect still cause a burning DoT.

With things like Famished Flames, Lingering Flames, Soot Shield, Fires from Ash, Chain Reaction, and Enfeebling Flames all depending on the application of DoTs it’s unreasonable to have incorrect information about the mechanic.

The game does a poor job of communicating stats and the details of effects as it is. The last thing we need is it communicating incorrect information.


Well…yep your are right, it´s a bit bad that information is so scarce, lots of valuable information isnt really written or presented anywhere in the game. Like how healing someone with a medkit also cures yourself from grayscreen. And i agree that its just plain confusing when Siennas dagger has attacks with 100% ignition chance but no visuals for it for a number of its looks.

The outdated/confusing information in the weapon traits also does not help.
But that said, i think the dummies refreshing pretty quickly is likely a good thing least they cause bugs somehow.

Dummies have always been pretty meh.
The whole power system is convoluted, lack of resources makes it very hard for new players especially.

I hope FS gets it right with Darktide.


I don’t think having some sort of refresh/cleanse is bad, but it’s so extreme that there’s literally no difference between standard DoT durations and ones with the talent active.

that’s a bug :wink:

Is it? …Damn its been around for so long without any reactions i thought it was something intended that i just missed :sweat_smile:

Fatshark ought to keep it though, for the zealots^^

So… how do you apply a “damage over time”-effect with Sienna’s mace? I would love to use it with the Unchained but I need enemies to burn for quite a few talents. It says there is DoT, but I can’t get it.

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