Sienn'a Mace not applying burning?

A post brought my attention to Sienna’s mace not applying the burning affect anymore.
Sure enough, the overheads heavy attack that once set them ablaze doesn’t do so anymore and I couldn’t find anywhere in any patch notes saying that the effect was removed.

In case I’m suffering from a false memory, which I don’t believe I am, the description of the mace has “Damage over Time” which doesn’t apply under the current circumstances.


I believe they’re already aware of this issue. Don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but I’d say it’s a side effect of this change:

“Heavy 1 now has the same damage profile as 2H Hammer Light attack (23% buff to damage).”

The flames were probably tied to the original damage profile, so replacing it must’ve removed the DOT.

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As Soft mentions above, the mace got a stronger heavy damage profile in exchange for the DoT effect.


Descriptions of weapon properties such as versatile, armor penetration etc should be correct and accurate.

With so many changes to talents (those available at release were simpler and more effective) and weapons it has become difficult to select a particular style of play.

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