We need to be able to CRAFT/CREATE weapons, not only upgrade them

crafting must be usable for weapon aquisition like in vermintide, not only upgrading existing weapons. even if it can only craft bottom rarity white/grey weapons, then that’s enough. we just need a non-RNG non rotating way to get and try out new weapon types. it is not fun to not be able to use a weapon type you want, and that you have unlocked, because of RNG.

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Absolutely, for real.

I think the time-gated shop is terrible. I hate that concept - it does nothing but waste my time. I was willing to excuse it if I could craft my own weapons, and the shop would have some nicer versions of stuff.

But not being able to craft your own weapons is not a design feature I like at all. It’s time wasting, and doesn’t let players play with what they want.