We need a way to always be the Host for quickplay

This game has become mainstream in popularity due to its success and with it has come mainstream video game toxicity. For whatever reason everyone here has lost a game due to the host abandoning when you could have finished for lesser rewards or failed for xp. Some people have horror stories some people just have tilted gamers who ran into storm vermin patrols and insta died. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to search quick play as the host and guarantee that at bare minimum we fail and get xp no matter who joins the game.

I’m aware that you can manually search for a specific map as host, then cancel the search once someone joins, then re-queue quick play and you’ll be the host. Which is fine for the short-term, but this issue needs to be addressed.


I support this for another important reason as well. When I attempt to play a game on Legend difficulty, sometimes there is only one other game present and its hosted by an AFK player. Because of this, I and maybe other unlucky players will be left unable to play a Legend difficulty quickplay game because we will constantly be sent to join the AFK player…

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