Waystalker and other "Ranged Careers" disparities

Thumbs up for the super funny and truthful first half, but can’t agree on the second part. Can’t agree on the conclusions, because they are faulty, can’t agree on the suggestions, because, imho, only a thorough rework of all ranged careers can solve these problems. Fixing 1 or 2 talents won’t help… well, it might help, but only by completely ruining ranged classes. Without deep changes ranged classes are either going to be OP, or useless, or ranged combat will be their sole privilege, and there is no middle ground here.

I have already made a post about it, so you can go read it there if you want.

In short, I think a party should have 2 ranged careers max and Scrounger should be nerfed. That’s the best possible solution in my opinion.