Wasn't the Skulls for the Skull Throne event supposed to last between May 16th to May 23rd?

Logging on today, the event is already over.

When it says “between May 16th and May 23rd”, that means May 23rd is included, right?

I mean, May 16th was included, wasn’t it? I didn’t play that day, so can anyone confirm if it was?

And if it was, shouldn’t May 23rd have been as well?

@Fatshark_Hedge @FatsharkJulia could any of you be so kind as to inform me of what the case is? No specific time stamp was included in the announcement post.

Most games don’t end an event at midnight; they usually conclude it in the morning of the day that the event ends, so the Skulls for the Skull Throne event on steam ending likely dictated the end-time/date for the events across their games.

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Really? That sucks man. I thought I had today to complete the quests as well.

A time stamp would’ve been nice. That, or make the event say May 16 - 22 instead.

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Yeah, it’s really weird for the gamers, but they’ve got to push the close-time through for everyone at some point, right? If it ends at 6PM for the folks it Europe, it’ll likely end in the morning for the folks in the Americas. It’s just how the cookie crumbles.

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It was most likely tied to Games Workshop event. So it ended when that did. Also, steam doesn’t update games instantly. I remember with the Back to Ubersriek DLC, the Devs were live on stream waiting to play their own game on launch day and couldn’t because steam has its own times when it applies updates for games.

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Others said it first, but time zones, Steam updating and other stuff all make it so that judging how many days exactly you have to finish events like this is iffy. An estimation from the devs (with timezones) would certainly be appreciated, even if I didn’t personally have a problem.

Meanwhile, if you’re online at least at some time during the event, you can check the event quest timer in the… lower right corner of the quest window, I think. It’s probably the most precise info we can get, giving the time that’s currently set for the quests to expire.

Oh, and iirc, at least for the few latest events, the timer has shown a time around midday, give or take an hour or two, EEST for the ending time, on the day it was marked to end. Don’t take that as an absolute truth, though, as it’s based on quick estimations and memory.


Well I think looking at the countdown timer would have helped.

There’s no use closing the stable door after the horse has already run away.

(I spent 5 or so minutes looking for an idiom that fitted here).

I think the ship has already sailed would be my favorite there.

But seriously the countdown was exactly there so everybody around the world would know when it ends.

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