Event quest bug or bad design?


So during a run with a few others we noted that at one who joined just after we picked up the event skull didnt get the reward for running it through the map.

Poor guy joined like one minute late and really did not deserve to be denied that after struggling through the run : (


Aight so after checking, yep, one has to be present from the moment the skull is taken to the end to get anything. I do think is isnt great as it can force people who came even a second too late to suffer through a run of their preferred difficulty+1 but for nothing.

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I think you need to be present when the ritual is disrupted and make it to the end. Probably to avoid having people snag it by joining at the very end or some other weird reason.

Nvm, it may simply be the case of the total challenge for all rituals not counting until you claim each individual victory. Mine aren’t getting ticked off as well in the big challenge, possibly because I’ve yet to redeem the individual ones.

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