Was selling out to China worth it?

Did those millions of dollars help you develop a game people want to play? Was focusing on the cash shop and rushing a game out when it clearly wasn’t ready a good idea? Was burning all the goodwill you had built up from VT2 part of the plan


After a simple browse on their wikipedia page, FS has been releasing unfinished games far before Tencent had majority share. Heck, before they even BOUGHT shares in the company. I think Tencent just saw the buzzards flying over FS and felt now was the best time to take advantage of it. The simple fact that enough shares were freely available and for sale for Tencent to buy them all up should be enough of an indicator about what the investors at the time were feeling in regards to FS’s business practices. If they felt they needed to jump ship and sell their shares, that should explain everything.


Tencents shares were all held by the company founders. I.e. they were not freely available.

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Ask Warframe and Path of Exile. Those are owned by Tencent too and they aren’t riddled with predatory practices like Darktide is. Darktide’s state is wholly a product of its developers, not some shadowy Tencent bogeyman.

I’ve been playing Warframe for 10 years. Warframe has pretty ridiculous RNG and super low drop rates in order to encourage you to buy whatever you want with platinum. If you’ve been with Warframe over the years you can definitely notice a general trend towards trying to squeeze monetization. Cosmetic content coming out has increased by a huge margin, while actual meaningful content releases have dwindled significantly.

Not really sure if this is Tencent, could just be the standard life cycle of an aging game.

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Sick of people scapegoating Tencent for Fatsharks failings. Path of Exile, Warframe, and Riot Games all are partially owned by Tencent but they still handle certain stuff better than Fatshark.

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This is a joke, right? I haven’t played much PoE, but Warframe is riddled top to bottom with MTX at every single level


I get it, FS isn’t blameless here but I really think people downplay the effect that Level Infinite being involved in DT’s development had. They’re specifically Tencents Games as a service branch, and every aspect of Darktide thats designed around that is god awful.


Doesnt matter at the end, the founders sold 15% of their personal shares in 2021 to make Tencent majority holder from 36% to 51% in early 2021. Unsure how much power they hold but they are still the ones adverstising everything under their names and such. So the blame is solely on them / Fatshark.

You can blame Tencent all you want but it is Fatshark that sold its soul for greed. AND Fatshark has a long history of pulling stuff like this.

They have been really good at trying to hide under the rug past failed games of theirs. They actually dont have a good track record.

And yet you can access all of it without paying a time simply by earning through gameplay.
And not even that much, to be honest, I’m swimming in platinum without even trying, just by selling valuable stuff I picked up along the way while having fun.

vermintide 2 was a mess before tencent.

“c h y n a” isn’t a viable coping strategy.


PoE too honestly, in order to be in anyway able to play for an extended period of time, you have to buy MTX bank tabs.
I mean, I get it tho, it’s a free game so they have to earn money somewhere, but thinking PoE and Warframe don’t employ these tactics is a tad off…

They do too, it’s just… Not as blatant a cash grab as Darktide

This has nothing to do with Tencent, they actually started releasing content after Tencent bought them. This is just pure incompetence and has nothing to do with ChYnA.

The point that I am trying to make is that they are being sold at all. There is an implication that they are selling for a reason. Whether its to keep the company afloat, personal gain, or to put their company under more effective leadership.