Maybe don't sell to the chinese?

Yeah, so, this launch is a god damn crap show. Let’s not pretend otherwise. Laggy games, a ton of disconnect errors, stuff that were supposed to be here already missing, and so on, there is like a new problem every day at least. So, apparently Fatshark sold 38% to Tencent, and, well, I can tell you this much, no game that has Tencent in it ever turns out well. You ever played Warframe? That game has so many bugs despite how old it actually is. Tencent being at it again.

Honestly Fatshark, don’t be so greedy about lining your own pockets with their money, maintain the integrity and quality of your products instead, have some integrity. Right now, your only focus should be damage control and fixing the problems, and in the future, I strongly recommend trying to get rid of those chinese corporates, who clearly only cares about money and don’t want games to be the best they can be. Not that I think you can, you made a very bad choice and now you have to make the best out of it. Shame.

Edit: So a lot of people have informed me that nowadays, Tencent owns most of Fatshark which means they get to call shots. Well consider this post all the more validated. Get a lot of moolah at the expense of losing creative control, what a way to go for a great name.


Fatshark - Wikipedia may want to get more up to date info.

The amount of money they would get NOT working with Tencent is more than they get payed by them, long term and short term. I’m 90% sure they’ve lost atleast a quarter of the playerbase due to all of these issues.


hu? their parent is listed as tencent and that they bought 38% of the company in january 2021. what are you refering to?

Tencent bought 36% of the company in 2019 valued at 56 million, in 2021 they acquired a majority stake valued at 260 million, so they basically own fatshark.



Too late I guess

I mean the money they got from Tencent in 2021 alone makes up way more cash than the total playerbase of Vermintide and Darktide combined earned them in all the years since VT released up to now with Darktide existing. 260mil USD in 2021. The 3 day playerbase peak according to steamcharts was 108,395 players. Doing some quick math that comes out to about 4.3 million dollars for a 40 dollar game. Granted, the peak probably isn’t all the players that own the game, but with 4.3 mil as a base line, you can’t truly say without conclusive data that they would earn more money from the playerbase by not working with Tencent. I don’t like Tencent any more than the next guy but at least read up on facts before just spouting fictional information.

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