Warrior Priest Righteous Fury bar and From Fury, Fortitude talent on host/client

Righteous Fury bar will decrease when out of combat for 5 sec when not in Fury state. For host Warrior Priest, as long as anyone in the party is hitting enemies, it isn’t counted as out of combat and Warrior Priest can maintain the fury bar. For client Warrior Priest, Warrior Preist himself needs to hit enemies to be considered not out of combat/maintain the fury bar.
From Fury, Fortitude talent gives permanent health when Warrior Priest kills an enemy during Righteous Fury. For host Warrior Priest, the kill that allows you to enter Righteous Fury is also counted towards the ‘kill during Righteous Fury’. The application being since boss kills always gives enough Fury to let you enter Fury state on all difficulty, as long as you last hit the boss, Warrior Priest can always regen permanent health for the whole party on host with this talent. On client this talent works as described, you need to enter Rightou Fury state first to be able to farm permanent health.


Allow me to doubt that it is just a host/client issue though, as I host an overwhelming majority of the games I play and I still lose fury when others are in combat.
I don’t know about the killing blow/fury state thing, but it does seem to work as you said from my host perspective.

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