Warhammer Books Recommendations

Hi. My first contact with warhammer world is Vermintide. But now I like it so much. I have been looking for books to read and I want to share them with you.

Do you want share your favourites books?

Guardians of the Forest

The Dead and the Damned




One of my favorites is “Necromancer” by Johnathan Green. I feel like it goes unnoticed a lot because there is no big adventure or battle or anything, but for me personally good writing and a believeable story are more important in a novel. It’s set up more like a mystery/suspense piece.


Honestly, I love all of them, but my personal favourites:

Tyrion & Teclis for sure (Blood of Aenarion, Sword of Caledor, Bane of Malekith) Great story and an introduction to the two legendary brother-heroes of the Asur.

War of the Beard (The Grat Betrayal, Master of Dragons, Curse of the Phoenix Crown) if you want to know more about the key event that shaped the Old World (and how the mud-dwellers betrayed us).

Age of Legends collection of short stories from various “old legends.”

Genevieve (Drachenfels, Genevieve Undead, Silver Nails, Beasts in Velvet) a bit of pretty cool Warhammer horror. (Edit: I hope this won’t summon a certain person lurking around this forum)

Gotrek & Felix

Defenders of Ulthuan & Sons of Ellyrion has quite an interesting story from Graham McNeill

I hear Blackhearts (Valnir’s Bane, The Broken Lance, Tainted Blood) are good, but I haven’t read that one yet.

The Sundering (Malekith, Shadowking, Caledor) Druchii filth betrayal.

Hmmm… I could post here my entire library, but I’ll keep it short. Just read all books about the Asur you can find and it will be fine!



I can only give recommendations for 40k, and even then, i only have books from Dan Abnett, next would be Horus Heresy story line. But i might go the same route as you and get book recommendations for WHF from the comments, so… thanks? :grin:


There is a book called Riders of the Dead by Dan Abnett that is a fantastic book, but the ending does polarise opinion in that people love it or hate it. It is one of my all-time re-read Warhammer Fantasy books though.


Headtaker. Queek is such a great character, by far the best skaven imo.
Of course there is no such thing as a “best skaven”, all skaven are heretical trash.

… but Queek is pretty great.


Guardians of the Forest is one of my faves, too! It isn’t just a good Warhammer book, I think it stands up as just great fantasy. One of the few novels that really has the Asrai as a focus, too.

Besides that, I think my faves are the Sigmar Legends trilogy, chronicling his life. It also holds up on its own, even if you don’t know Warhammer that well. The Black Plague trilogy is also good, I think, though it’s very grim (har).

Sadly, there are no books that I know of that focus on the Lizardmen. They often just appear as antagonists to someone in Lustria. However, I found the depiction of them really interesting in the second Thanquol book, Temple of the Serpent. There’s actual POV scenes for a Slann. It’s a good depiction of the mind of a being that’s more eldritch and bizarre than even daemons.

Also sad, I find, is that the novel Vermintide not only has no relation to our beloved game, but isn’t really that good. :frowning:

Anyone notice that Warhammer novels all seem to end very abruptly? Usually within a page (and sometimes not even that) of the climax. There never seems to be any kind of . . . wrap-up or closure on the plot.


Altough not in the Warhammer Universe I read, loved and highly recommend the books of the autor Dennis L. McKiernan.
It’s also High-Fantasy.

Here are my favorite books:
More for Dwarf-Chads:
Trek to Kraggen-Cor
The Brega Path

Dragondoom (My Favorite of all!)
An elf and a dwarf on the quest to kill a dragon, who develop an interesting relationship. ALSO A POWERFULL AND MAGICAL WARHAMMER IS INVOLVED.

Now the ones for Elf-Lovers:
Voyage of the Fox Rider
The Dragonstone
City of Jade

I wonder if I should start reading again… It’s been literally a decade. Well I had the time in the summer, while I was still in school. But I don’t know where I could grab the time for that now… I certainly can’t take it from Vermintide…


Well, if we’re suggesting books outside the warhammer universe. The dragon riders of pern books are great bit of Sci fi reading. There’s at least 20 of them and I’ve enjoyed all of them. They’re a bit older though, pretty sure the orignal author started writing them back in the 70-80’s and her kids have taken over now for the last 4 or so.

Most of the books take place on a sort of medieval planet with lords and dragons, primitive technology(drums for communication, swords and arrows, etc). Which is interesting as they are actually the survivors of an advanced space faring group of colonists from earth which have lost contact and hundreds of years have passed. It’s pretty cool to read her ideas of what Ai and computers would be like in the future considering cell phones and PCs as we know them didn’t exist back then.

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